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Transaction 1.6.5 Transaction
Online sales interactive data analysis and reporting tool
Tags: Transactions, marketing, promotion, sales, forecasting, analysis, eCommerce, tracking, manager, online, Earnings,
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RuleLab. et Business Rules Engine (BRE) 1.5.14 RuleLab. et Business Rules Engine (BRE)
Separate business logic from code. Turn an application into a rule-based system.
Tags: inference, BRE, BRMS, XML, engine, rule, business, rules, management, system, logic, forward, chaining, rule-based, decision, atom,
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Sinatica Monitor for Firebird 2.0 Sinatica Monitor for Firebird
Sinatica Monitor is a real-time performance monitor for Firebird databases
Tags: sinatica, monitor, firebird, sql, firebirsql, performance, optimization, efficient, database, rdbms, efficiency, transaction,
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VISOCO Data Protection Master 1.1 VISOCO Data Protection Master
VISOCO Data Protection Master - Creating and supporting the actual copy of a DB.
Tags: data protection, data protect, master, solutions, visoco, adaptive, admin, administrator, database, enterprise, reserve, server, db tool, dump, transaction, log,
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Rylstim Budget Rylstim Budget
Plan and manage your finances with a simple friendly calendar. Perfect solution for home users and freelancers!
Tags: financial manager, calendar management, recurring transaction, budget, transaction, account,
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Trader Notes 1.3 Trader Notes
Trader should know his own transactions
Tags: trader, diary, stock, fond, performance, log, securities, transaction, option, future, share, profit, loss, liquidity, buy, sell,
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INNOBATE Westpac File Viewer 1.0 INNOBATE Westpac File Viewer
View Westpac Export Statement Transactions file from your Windows desktop
Tags: Westpac, Export, Statement, Transaction, File, INNOBATE,
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Finance Explorer 5.1.2 Finance Explorer
Personal finance, budget software compatible with Money and Quicken downloads.
Tags: personal finance, home finance, budget, money, loan, transaction, credit card,
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ScimoreDB Distributed Server 1.5.511 ScimoreDB Distributed Server
ScimoreDB Parallel Server is a low cost shared-nothing clustered database
Tags: SQL, ACID, Transaction, Database, Relation, Distributed, Parallel, RDBMS, Cluster, Stability, Performance, Reliability, Cost,
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