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HTMLTrim 1.20 HTMLTrim
HTMLTrim pretty-prints and cleans your HTM, HTML, or ASP, PHP etc.
Tags: HTML Trim, HTML, clean, HTM, ASP, PHP, free, tools, download,
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SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin 2.0.1011.29 SolveigMM WMP Trimmer Plugin
WMP plugin to losslessly cut a part of AVI, WMV, ASF, MP3, WAV and WMA files
Tags: wmp plugin, mp3 splitter, AVI splitter, WMA cut, ASF trim, video splitter, audio splitter,
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SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV 2.0.1011.29 SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV
Free tool to enable cutting off any AVI / MKV portions fastly and lossless
Tags: AVI Trimmer, MKV, free video editor, out of sync, movie cut, movie editor, cut commercials, avi editor software, mkv editor software,
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Fx Splitter and Trimmer 6.4.9 Fx Splitter and Trimmer
Fx, Splitter and Trimmer enables you to save sections from a digital movie.
Tags: Movie, Trimmer, Splitter, Editor, AVI, MPEG, MPG, MOV, WMV, Real Media,
Overall Average:

PLUS Slitting 1.00 PLUS Slitting
Trim Optimization Software to reduce scrap and generate cutting plans for Coils.
Tags: trim, optimization, coils, paper rolls, fabric,
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Fast MP3 Cutter Joiner 3.1.1572 Fast MP3 Cutter Joiner
Cut and trim a large MP3 file into multiple smaller pieces and join MP3 files.
Tags: mp3 cutter, mp3 joiner, cut mp3, trim mp3, join mp3, merge mp3, combine mp3,
Overall Average:

FileMonkey 10.82 FileMonkey
File operations utility - performs many handy functions
Tags: files, file, merge, copy, move, join, split, list, rename, search, replace, truncate, trim, crop, date, print,
Overall Average:

MP3 Splitter & Joiner 3.41 MP3 Splitter & Joiner
MP3 editor to join,cut,split MP3,support prelisten and split by time and section
Tags: MP3 splitter, MP3 split, cut MP3, MP3 cutter, MP3 trim, MP3 editor, join MP3, joiner, track maker, merge, merger, audio editing, audio editor, audio track, audio, music,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0 Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor
An easy to use image editor that creates a bunch of images with one click.
Tags: image, resize, compress, reduce, thumbnail, convert, edit, size, sharpen, optimize, web, quick, trim, generate, grab, screen,
Overall Average:

Fx Joiner and Splitter 6.2.8 Fx Joiner and Splitter
Join, split or trim AVI or MPEG movies and save as new AVI or MPEG Movies.
Tags: join, split, trim, splice, avi, mpeg,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Elecard MPEG Player 5.8 Elecard MPEG Player
A great choice for those who strive for high performance and robustness using low power hardware.
Tags: mpeg player, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVC/H.264, HD DVD, 3GP, media player, directshow, filter, mpeg, dvd, mpeg1, decoder, video, compression, divx,
Overall Average:

Direct WAV MP3 Splitter Direct WAV MP3 Splitter
Direct WAV MP3 Splitter is a complete solution for splitting audio files using silence detection to save you time and provide accurate results.
Tags: mp3 cutter, mp3 splitter, wav cutter, wav splitter, cut wav, cut mp3, split mp3, split wav, mp3 split, slice mp3, trim mp3,
Overall Average:

MP3 EasySplitter 2.09 MP3 EasySplitter
Split your MP3 files into smaller, playable segments without losing any quality.
Tags: mp3, splitter, cutter, shareware, splitting, windows, MP3, audio, split, trimmer, break, media, free, trim, cut,
Overall Average:

Free Fast MPEG Cut 2.4 Free Fast MPEG Cut
The fastest way to cut MPEG video! Free Fast MPEG Cut - lossless MPEG editor.
Tags: edit mpeg, video editor, mpeg editor, trim mpeg, cut mpeg,
Overall Average:

Able MPEG2 Editor 3.2.12 Able MPEG2 Editor
Able MPEG2 Editor lets you remove any parts from MPEG2 files without decoding.
Tags: MPEG2, VOB, MPG, cut, join, split, edit, editor, video, trim,
Overall Average:

FastFotoScale 3.70 FastFotoScale
It is the best way to organize/process thousands pictures at once.
Tags: web gallery, edit, batch image resizer, scale, image, albom, photo, stereo, stereo photo, anaglyph, crop, rename, resize, raw, trim,
Overall Average:

Magic File Renamer Standard Edition 6.3.3 Magic File Renamer Standard Edition
Magic File Renamer (MFR) is a powerful multiple file renamer and ID3 tag setter.
Tags: rename, auto, file, files, multiple, batch, automatic, magic, powerful, name, windows, jpeg, jpg, ID3, flexible, software,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

MS Access File Size Reduce Software 7.0 MS Access File Size Reduce Software
Compress the file size of one or more MS Access files.
Tags: mdb, access, 2000, 2003, 2007, database, tables, filesize, reducer, reduction, decrease, decreasing, condense, condensing, shrink,
Overall Average:

Mpeg Splitter Mpeg Splitter
It is a tool for splitting an MPEG file into smaller ones.
Tags: MPEG Splitter, Split MPEG, MPG Splitter, Split MPG, Cut MPEG, MPEG Cutter, Trim MPEG, MPEG Trimmer,
Overall Average:

AC3 Splitter AC3 Splitter
It is an easy-to-use tool for splitting an AC3 file into smaller ones.
Overall Average:

River Past Video Slice 5.8 River Past Video Slice
Video trimmer/splitter from 3GPP, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, WMV, MPEG, MOV to AVI/WMV
Tags: software, video, conversion, converter, transcoder, trim, trimmer, split, splitter, cut, cutter, slice, AVI, ASF, WMV, MPEG-1,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Ultra Video Splitter 6.1.0225 Ultra Video Splitter
Split, trim a large AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, RM, MOV, MP4 file into smaller clips.
Tags: Video Splitter, avi splitter, mpeg splitter, mp4 splitter, rm splitter, wmv splitter, vob splitter, video split, video trim, video convert,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

MP3 Splitter Joiner Pro MP3 Splitter Joiner Pro
Split MP3 into multiple smaller pieces and join MP3 files into a single file.
Tags: mp3 splitter, mp3 joiner, split mp3, join mp3, merge mp3, trim mp3, combine mp3, mp3trim,
Overall Average:

BlOut 2.6 BlOut
Blout removes extra or all blank lines from a file.
Tags: blout, text file, tidy, strip blank lines, blank lines, trim,
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