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3D Active Button Magic 9.3 3D Active Button Magic
Customizable 3D button ActiveX control with multimedia support
Tags: development, software, components, Picture control, Animation, Hyperlink, Frame, Led, Windows, Visual, ActiveX, button, pushbutton, checkbox, radio,
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Overall Average:

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Instrumentation Widgets 3.1 Instrumentation Widgets
Meters, scales, sliders, dials, gauges, knobs, buttons, other . ET components.
Tags: Instrumentation components, User Interface components, Component suites, .Net Components, GUI Components,
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OpenFaces 3.0 OpenFaces
OpenFaces JSF library includes advanced components (such as DataTable, TreeTable, DayTable, etc. , Ajax and client-side validation frameworks.
Tags: JSF, JavaServer Faces, Ajax, components, validation, client-side validation, Facelets, user interface, web application,
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Zero MusicPlayer 1.02 Zero MusicPlayer
Animated frontend for Windows Media Player. Uses media data from WMP 9. and up
Tags: music player, audio, windows media player frontend, cover flow, animated user interface,
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jvider 1.8 jvider
Visual GUI builder tool for Java Swing applications and applets.
Tags: Java, GUI builder, GUI, builder, design, swing, applet, frame, application, user interface, interface, visual,
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3D Button API 4.0 3D Button API
Customisable 3D button SDK with multimedia support
Tags: MultiMedia Soft, development, software, components, Picture control, Animation, Hyperlink, Frame, Led, Windows, Visual, SDK, kit, button, pushbutton,
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AITabPanel 2.1 AITabPanel
AITabPanel provides developers with a pure extended Windows Panel component.
Tags: Free, net, component, visual studio, vista, user interface, panel,
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Uimix 2.0 Uimix
Secures the viewing of sensitive information by mixing it with its background.
Tags: Uimix, window, transparency, manager, tool, utility, secures, sensitive, information, viewing, background, for, your, eyes, only,
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Overall Average:

Overall Average:

AJAX-ZOOM Image Zoom & Pan Gallery 3.2.1 AJAX-ZOOM Image Zoom & Pan Gallery
jQuery Image Zoom & Pan Gallery plugin, photo enlargement with PHP & Javascript
Tags: zoom image, photo zoom, 360, rotate, spin, javascript image zoom, pan and zoom, flash zoom, magnify, ajax zoom, Zooming User Interface, ZUI, Magento, xt:Commerce, Oxid,
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