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Volume Fade Out Auto 2007.08 Volume Fade Out Auto
Program reduce volume level with customized time period to customized min value
Tags: volume, control, fade out,
Overall Average:

Sound Volume Hotkeys 1.1 Sound Volume Hotkeys
Control sound volume using system-wide hotkeys!
Tags: key, hot, hotkey, keyboard, shortcut, accelerator, keystroke, combination, sound, volume, OSD, control, softarium,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Volume Serial Number Editor 1.76 Volume Serial Number Editor
Volume Serial Number Editor can modify your disk drive's Volume Serial Number
Tags: disk, drive, volume, serial, number, change, modify, edit, Software, password, recovery,
Overall Average:

Volume Fade Out Spy 2007.08 Volume Fade Out Spy
Loudness decreases with the adjusted period of time to the adjusted minimum
Tags: loudness, music fan, loudly, management, the comic program,
Overall Average:

MacVolumes 1 MacVolumes
Reports Status of Macintosh volumes index on Windows NT or 2000
Tags: MacVolumes, macintosh, volumes, statistics, distribution, file signatures, Pc-Mac, freeware, utility, explorer, Macintosh, file management, SFM, forks, download, tool,
Overall Average:

My System Tray Icon 1 My System Tray Icon
Power Monitor Off,Restart,Log Off,Shut Down Increase/Decrease Volume and more.
Tags: Shut Down, Log Off, Restart, Mute, increase, decrease, volume, vista, save, electricity, power, off, monitor, free,, windows,
Overall Average:

Sound Control 2.15 Sound Control
Sound mixer applet which allows you to add hot keys to volume mixers and Winamp.
Tags: audio, hot key, mixer, volume, hotkey, hotkeys, hot keys, mixers, winamp, cd player, on screen display,
Overall Average:

Retaining Ring Math Converter 1.0 Retaining Ring Math Converter
Easily convert the most popular types of units of measure
Tags: Conversion, Math, Weight, Distance, Volume, Calculator,
Overall Average:

FastKeys 1.03 FastKeys
All in One Windows automation software with start menu, shortcuts and text expander
Tags: Start Menu, Shortcuts, Hotkeys, Hotstrings, Text Expander, Texter, Launcher, Automation, Commands, Autohotkey, AHK, Script, Audio, Volume, Mouse, Keyboard,
Overall Average:

PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher PRTG - Paessler Router Traffic Grapher
Monitor and classify bandwidth and network usage. Easy to use Windows software.
Tags: SNMP, packet sniffer, packet sniffing, netflow, cisco, router, firewall, mrtg, bandwidth, usage, volume, prtg, traffic, graph, network,
Overall Average:

SoundWheel 1.2.1 SoundWheel
Control sound volume with the mouse wheel from any application
Tags: sound, volume, control, mouse, wheel, soundwheel, mouse wheel, sound volume control, hot wheel,
Overall Average:

VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier) 4.0.2 VolID(Disk Drives Serial Modifier)
With VolID you can modify your disk drive's serial number(Volume ID).
Tags: serial, disk, volume, system, drive, volume id, hard disk,
Overall Average:

Audio Amplifier Pro 1.3 Audio Amplifier Pro
Boost and normalize volume of video or audio file
Tags: Boost sound, Normalize Volume, adjust volume, boost volume, normalize sound,
Overall Average:

Is useful in topography for editing 3D points,triangulation,isolines,sections.
Tags: TOPOGRAPHY, XYZ points, TRIANGULATION, ISOLINES, SECTIONS, Projection, quartic, DTM, Digital Terrain Model, TIN, Triangular Irregular Network, CAD, DXF, OPENGL, AUTOCAD, IntelliCAD,
Overall Average:

Triangulation, isolines, volume, loading XYZ points files, sections-for AUTOCAD.
Overall Average:

Engineering Power Tools 1.9.8 Engineering Power Tools
Engineering software solves common engineering problems quickly & efficiently.
Tags: engineering, mechanical, calculations, design, HVAC, math, electrical, materials, conversion, structural, pipe, tubing, beams, stress, deflection, plates,
Overall Average:

Quicknote 5.5 Quicknote
Quicknote is a useful desktop-notepad that can also remind you.
Tags: Note, File, Remind, Text, Encrypt, quick, Quicknote, Wake-Up line, Idea, Task-Manager, Volume, JC&MB, Scrapbook, Desktop, Notepad, Reminder,
Overall Average:

ExportXL 1.1 ExportXL
Export area, length and volume data from AutoCAD to Excel
Tags: AutoCAD, Excel, export, area, length, volume, quantity takeoffs,
Overall Average:

Paessler SNMP Tester 3.2 Paessler SNMP Tester
Test and debug SNMP requests against a device in your network.
Tags: SNMP, packet sniffer, packet sniffing, netflow, cisco, router, firewall, mrtg, bandwidth, usage, volume, prtg, traffic, graph, network,
Overall Average:

Sound Normalizer 3.98 Sound Normalizer
The Sound Normalizer reduce, improves, regains a quality and a file size without losing ID3 tags of Mp3, FLAC and Wav (PCM 8, 16, 24, 32 bits, DSP,...
Tags: mp3 normalize, mp3 normalizer, mp3 normalization, normalize mp3, normalize audio, normalization, volume normalizer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Audio Enhancer Bongiovi DPS Plugin 1.2.2 Audio Enhancer Bongiovi DPS Plugin
The DPS Plug-In re-masters all PC sound in real-time using the patented Digital Power Station audio enhancer technology.
Tags: audio enhancer, sound enhancer, dps, bongiovi, bonjovi, music, movies, voip, clarity, volume, boost, laptop, chat, game sound, soundtrack, bon jovi,
Overall Average:

Scientific Unit Converter 1.0 Scientific Unit Converter
Convert between 650 units of measurement in 30 categories
Tags: Unit, Converter, Measurements, Area, Angle, Pressure, Distance, Mass, Volume, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow,
Overall Average:

SID FLV Player SID FLV Player
Is a Professional and Easy-to-use software that allows you to play your flash video files.
Tags: Flash, FLV, FLV Player, Flash Player, Video, Macromedia, volume, mute, replay, beginning, full screen, toggle, Replay, player, windows explorer, free,
Overall Average:

WinCatalog Light 2.6 WinCatalog Light
WinCatalog Light is a free tool that can be used for cataloging disks and files.
Tags: cd-cataloger, disk-catalog, disk cataloger, cataloguer, cataloger, catalog, file organizer, collection, disk, volume, folder, mp3, htm, html, audio cd, free,
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