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Windows FAT Partition Data Recovery Windows FAT Partition Data Recovery
Recover damaged FAT partition documents file from bad sectors infected hard disk
Tags: FAT, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, partition, volume, recovery, software, recover, lost, hard, disk, drive, data, windows,
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NTFS Partition Recovery Ex screenshot NTFS Partition Recovery Ex
NTFS partition HDD data rescue application undelete erased picture files folders
Tags: NTFS, NTFS5, file, system, partition, data, recovery, software, recover, deleted, office, documents, crashed, formatted, windows, volume,
Overall Average:

Mp3Doctor PRO 1.04 Mp3Doctor PRO
The definitive mp3 normalizer
Tags: mp3 volume gain, encoder, decoder,
Overall Average:

Partition Find and Mount 2.31 screenshot Partition Find and Mount
Partition Find and Mount: Painless Partition Recovery
Tags: partition recovery, lost partition, partition, recovery, disk volume, disk,
Overall Average:

PDD-Windows-FAT Data Recovery Master PDD-Windows-FAT Data Recovery Master
Corrupted Windows Vista XP hard disk drive partition data recovery utility tool
Tags: corrupted, FAT32, VFAT, windows, partition, data, recovery, software, restore, FAT, file, folder, recover, boot, sector, retrieve,
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Dirlot 0.9.3adam screenshot Dirlot
Shows relative size of both files and subdirectories in a directory on diagram.
Tags: Directory, file, folder, subfolder, disk, size, space, volume, drive, statistics, diagram, visualization, report, analyze, sort,
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Gong! 2.00 Gong!
Gong! offers fast, flexible control over your system volume and much more
Tags: volume, mute, winkey, chimes, chime, grandfather, clock, alert, alarm, reminder, calendar, atomic clock,
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MacVolumes 1 MacVolumes
Reports Status of Macintosh volumes index on Windows NT or 2000
Tags: MacVolumes, macintosh, volumes, statistics, distribution, file signatures, Pc-Mac, freeware, utility, explorer, Macintosh, file management, SFM, forks, download, tool,
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Power Mixer 2.7 screenshot Power Mixer
Get in-depth and easily accessible volume control and audio mixing.
Tags: audio mixer, windows audio mixer, sound mixer, power mixer, volume control, volume control replacement, audio, sound, presets, hot key, bass, treble, OSD, utility, windows,
Overall Average:

Higher Mathematics Quiz 2 screenshot Higher Mathematics Quiz
For students aged 10 - 12 in Primary 4 - 6. 2000 maths quizzes & problems sums
Tags: Primary, School, learn, education, test, papers, questions, exam, quiz, grades, improve, practice, maths, mathematics, Addition, Subtraction,
Overall Average:

Mathematics Quiz 2 screenshot Mathematics Quiz
For students aged 7 - 9 in Primary 1 - 3. 1500 maths quizzes & problems sums
Tags: Primary, School, learn, education, test, papers, questions, exam, quiz, grades, improve, practice, maths, mathematics, Addition, Subtraction,
Overall Average:

Chartz 2.29 screenshot Chartz
Tool for designing win32 charts (bar, pie, line, xy)
Tags: bar, dot, line, pie, donut, scatter, area, histogram, error, bubble, gantt, volume, chart,
Overall Average:

UM Converter 2.0 screenshot UM Converter
MS Excel add-in that makes unit of measure conversions.
Tags: Unit, units, conversion, convert, measure, measurement, metric, system, English, Excel, add-in, addin, converter, transform, tool, engineer,
Overall Average:

ABF Value Converter 2.3 screenshot ABF Value Converter
A powerful measurement units converter and math calculator
Tags: valueconverter, value, converter, conversion, measurement, unit, units, calculate, calculation, abf, software, abfsoftware, share, free, ware, shareware,
Overall Average:

AutoHotkey screenshot AutoHotkey
Macros: Automate almost anything. Hotkeys: Keyboard, mouse, and joystick.
Tags: hotkey, hotkeys, macro, macros, automate, keyboard, joystick, mouse, key, keys, keystroke, keystrokes, button, buttons, click, send,
Overall Average:

CCPlayer multimedia 2.5.7 CCPlayer multimedia
Control your film or your music with the mouse Wheel and the controls keys which
Tags: avi, mp3, wav, divx, audio, screeshot, player, video, auto volume,
Overall Average:

Volcon 1.6.3 Volcon
Utility that allows to control volume of computer's sounds by means of hotkeys
Tags: volume control, master volume, audio mixers,
Overall Average:

Easy Unit Converter 1.2 screenshot Easy Unit Converter
Convert temperature, length, area, volume, weight with this free unit converter
Tags: unit converter, unit, converter, convert, units, conversion, length, temperature, area, volume, weight, mass, meter, mile, pound,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Drive Snapshot 1.40 Drive Snapshot
Drive Snapshot - Disk Image Backup for WindowsNT/2000/XP/2003
Tags: disk, image, backup, cloning, drive, restore, recovery, disaster, snapshot, partition, volume, RAID,
Overall Average:

Galactic Geometry 3D 1.6 screenshot Galactic Geometry 3D
Calculate volume and surface area to blast 3D rocks and save your space ship.
Tags: galactic, geometry, geometric, math, volume, surface, area, middle, school, education, educational, software, game, learn, study, practice,
Overall Average:

Hotkeycontrol 7.0.2 Hotkeycontrol
Award winning solution to create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks
Tags: Hotkeycontrol, hotkey, keys, keyboard, laptop, volume, run, osd, win7, shortcuts, hibernate, transparent, brightness, control, macro, simulate,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

ESBUnitConv - Freeware Unit Conversion 7.3 screenshot ESBUnitConv - Freeware Unit Conversion
User friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between 595 units of measurement
Tags: conversion, calculator, units, measurement, distance, area, mass, volume, power, energy, velocity, acceleration, fuel, consumption, torque, flow,
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