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Mini Washer Dryer 1.0 Mini Washer Dryer
Mini Washer Dryer - Everything in a small apartment a washer dryer all in one.
Tags: Mini, washer, dryer,
Overall Average:

1-abc. et Hard Drive Washer 7.00 1-abc. et Hard Drive Washer
Most programs really do not care about consequences of saving temporary files without always deleting when possible or necessary.
Tags: cleaner, cleaning, washer, washing, deleting, user, data, history, installed,
Overall Average:

Internet Tracks Washer 11.9 Internet Tracks Washer
One-click delete cache, cookies, history, temporary files and much more
Tags: windows wsher, internet washer, privacy guard, IE washer, delete cookie,
Overall Average:

Webroot Window Washer 6.5 Webroot Window Washer
Webroot® Window Washer® simply and safely wipes your internet tracks clean.
Tags: windows system cleaner, system cleaner, system optimizer, internet history eraser, internet privacy, Webroot Software,
Overall Average:

Webroot Pop-Up Washer 2.5 Webroot Pop-Up Washer
Stop intrusive pop-up ads and regain control of your online world
Tags: pop-up, pop-up remover, ad windows, pop-up blocker, pop-up ad, pop-up stopper, pop-up killer,
Overall Average:

1-abc. et Registry Washer 6.00 1-abc. et Registry Washer
Looks for unnecessary entries in the Registry and cleans it up
Tags: registry, cleaning, washing, clean, wash, security, privacy, speed, secure, private, RunMRU, unnecessary, wordpad, excel.paint, font, fonts,
Overall Average:

Internet History Washer 1.05 Internet History Washer
The Easy Way to Clear Internet Surfing Traces
Tags: Browser, browser clean, clean, cleaner, clear, cookie, delete, delete temp files,
Overall Average:

1-abc. et File Washer 6.00 1-abc. et File Washer
Erase files completely and securely so that they can never be recovered again
Tags: unerase, unwipe, secure, complete, security, completely,
Overall Average:

Smart Internet Eraser 1.0 Smart Internet Eraser
Smart Internet Eraser is an history eraser software that ensures privacy
Tags: browser, history cleaner, Internet Eraser, cookie, free, cache, privacy, eraser, evidence, eliminator, window, washer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

History sweeper XXL History sweeper XXL
Completely permanently removing all traces and history of your recent activity.
Tags: history cleaner, clean history, pc cleaner, clean pc, internet washer, system control, washing system, privacy, erase trace, erase activities,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Evidence Eliminator 6.0 Evidence Eliminator
Evidence eliminator is ideal for removing all internet activity evidence easily
Tags: evidence eliminator, internet washer, evidence cleaner, privacy software,
Overall Average:

Mutilate File Wiper 2.95 Mutilate File Wiper
Permanently delete sensitive files / Shred disk free space
Tags: wipe, file wiper, shred, shredder, removal, data recovery, disk eraser, secure deletion, erase, eraser, privacy, delete, undelete, purge, clean, washer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

WinSettings 7.0.3 WinSettings
WinSettings, protects your online privacy and security
Overall Average:

NoTrax 1.4 NoTrax
Anonymous Browser-No Record of Internet Activity
Tags: anonymous, surfing, cleaner, browser, evidence, eliminator, encryption, clean, erase, cyberscrub, web, tabbed, security, washer,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

PurgeIE 8.04 PurgeIE
Purge Cache, Cookies, History and other Tracks for Internet Explorer
Tags: vista, protected mode, purgeie, purge, index.dat, userdata, internet, explorer, cache, cookie, cookies, history, security zones, cleaner, files,
Overall Average:

PurgeIE Pro 4.04 PurgeIE Pro
Professional edition of PurgeIE - Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for I. E.
Tags: vista, protected mode, secure erase, secure delete, plugins, purgeie, purge, index.dat, userdata, internet, explorer, cache, cookie, cookies, history,
Overall Average:

Internet Cleaner 3.7 Internet Cleaner
Remove all traces of your computer activity (sites visited, images viewed etc.
Tags: internet cleaner, internet eraser, window washer, privacy cleaner, cookies, spyware, spysweeper, spybot, adaware, adware, security, online, registry, webroot, evidence eliminator, ccleaner,
Overall Average:

Disk Data Wiping Tool Disk Data Wiping Tool
Data cleaner software wipes all sensitive deleted file folders from hard drive
Tags: Data, cleaner, utility, wipes, data, hard, disk, USB, drive, erasure, software, clean, deleted, file, folder, wiper,
Overall Average:

Digital Watermark Pro 2.02 Digital Watermark Pro
Photo watermark software which allows you to add easily add text to photos.
Tags: cleanup, remover, file, disk, hard, drive, cleaner, cookie, cache, remove, history, web, net, registry, internet, washer,
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