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AiS Watermark Pictures Protector 3.7.0 AiS Watermark Pictures Protector
Protect your images from unauthorized use with customizable visible watermarks
Tags: watermark, watermarking, protect, copyright, graphics, tool, banner, bannermaker, gif, jpeg, jpg, png, animated,
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Program Sleuth 2.0.6 Program Sleuth
Find out what is really running on your computer.
Tags: slow, computer, virus, trojan, spyware, optimize, speed, cpu, hidden, program, svchost,
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Program Lock Pro 2.14f Program Lock Pro
Lock and unlock any program on your pc so it cannot be used.
Tags: lock, lockup, program protect, pc lock, program lock, secure, prevent access, prevent, password, protection, locking, access, program, security,
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Visual Watermark Software Screensaver 1.0 Visual Watermark Software Screensaver
Visual Watermark software screensaver
Tags: visual, photo, watermark, software,
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Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin 2.1 Multilingual VB6 Setup program with skin
You can change your default VB6 setup program with this inproved setup program
Tags: setup1, setup, setup1.exe, skin, visual, basic, multilingual, skins, spanish, french, italian, german, portuguese, skinned, 6.0,
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WaterMark Master 2.2.15 WaterMark Master
Easy tool for conversion of videos with adding any kinds of watermarks to them.
Tags: video, movie, gallery, galleries, tool, creating, clip, join, split, convert, converting, format, snapshot, mpg, mpeg, avi,
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Apex Image Watermark Apex Image Watermark
Protect your batch photographs from unauthorized distribution.
Tags: Image Watermark, Stamp Creator, Watermarking, Add Text,
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Apex PDF Watermark Apex PDF Watermark
A desktop utility for applying image, copyright text and logo stamp on bulk Adobe PDF file.
Tags: PDF Watermark Software, Creating Stamp, Add Content,
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Lavians PDF Watermark Service 2.4 Lavians PDF Watermark Service
Lavians PDF Watermark Service can run in the background to add watermarks to PDF documents automatically.
Tags: Lavians PDF Watermark Service, Lavians PDF Watermark Service Download, Lavians PDF Watermark Service Software Download,
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Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator 1.16 Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator
Advanced Bulk PDF Watermark Creator is an affordable utility that automates the task of stamping one or more PDF documents with a watermark.
Tags: PDF watermark, watermark, stamp PDF,
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Lavians PDF Watermark 2.3 Lavians PDF Watermark
Lavians PDF Watermark is an easy, lightning-fast desktop utility program that allows you to create watermarks with product pictures, file names,...
Tags: Lavians PDF Watermark, Lavians PDF Watermark download, Lavians PDF Watermark software download,
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Mass Watermark 1.0 Mass Watermark
Mass Watermark is the easiest and most efficient way to protect your digital images.
Tags: watermark, software, image, photo, batch, resize, crop, optimize, blur, sharpen, mean removal, protect, stamp, exif, metadata, camera,
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A-PDF Watermark Service 1.3 A-PDF Watermark Service
Windows Service to add manipulate watermarks to Acrobat PDF documents.
Tags: Watermark Service, Add Watermark, PDF Watermark, Watermark, PDF, Automate,
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A-PDF Watermark 4.1 A-PDF Watermark
Add manipulate watermarks to Acrobat PDF documents.
Tags: pdf, watermark, text, image, graphic, pictures, adobe, logo, macro, stamp, stamp number, bate number,
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Overall Average:

Batch Watermark Photos 3.0.2 Batch Watermark Photos
Protects your pictures and artwork by creating professional transparent watermarks that combine text, illustrations and graphics.
Tags: watermark photos, how to watermark photos, photo watermark, how to make a watermark, watermarking photos, batch watermark,
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