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XP Artistic Icons 5.0 XP Artistic Icons
Enhance software and Web sites with quality ready-made XP icons
Tags: Royalty-free stock icon collection, xp icons, stock icons, icons,
Overall Average:

Business Icons Collection (XP) 3.0 Business Icons Collection (XP)
Professional Business Icons for use in Software, Web, and Digital Media
Tags: Business Icons, XP Icons, Software Icons, Stock Icons, Professional Icons, Office Icons, 3D Icons,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Multimedia Icons Vista 1.0 Multimedia Icons Vista
Multimedia Icons Library for Software and Web
Tags: Multimedia Icons, Icon Library, Software Icons, Web Icons,
Overall Average:

Icons for Technical Writers 1.0 Icons for Technical Writers
Set of icons for writers of help files, software documentation, and guides
Tags: stockicons, stock, icon, icons, set, design, toolbar, portfolio, custom, application, XP style, Vista, ico,
Overall Average:

Icon Bank (Web Edition) 4.0 Icon Bank (Web Edition)
5,000 brilliant 256-color Windows icons with viewer.
Tags: icons, cursors, animations, graphics, web authoring, development, programming, images, pictures,
Overall Average:

Software Icons Vista 2.0 Software Icons Vista
Software Icons Vista v2. with over 1,300 Professional Icons
Tags: Software Icons, Web Icons, 3D Icons, Professional Icons, Vista Icons, Stock Icons,
Overall Average:

Autumn Icons - Small and Large edition 1.0 Autumn Icons - Small and Large edition
A collection of ready stock icons most often required for program design. Free.
Tags: icon, icons, stock, iconset, set, xp-style, ready, custom, design, toolbar, glyph, interface, 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48,
Overall Average:

App Tab Bar Icons 2012.1 App Tab Bar Icons
An easy and comfortable way to design attractive navigation bars, toolbars, and tab bars in their applications.
Tags: stock icons, icon design, web design, clipart, design, web design,
Overall Average:

Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps 2013.1 Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps
Tab Bar Icons For Mobile Apps is a high-quality set of pictograms for iOS Apps
Tags: stock icons, icon design, web design, webdesign, portfolio,
Overall Average:

Free Mobile App Icons 2012.1 Free Mobile App Icons
Design better mobile apps with Free Mobile App Icons
Tags: stock icons, icon design, web design,
Overall Average:

Software Icons Collection 1.0 Software Icons Collection
Software Icons Collection with over 1100 Vista Style Icons
Tags: Software Icons, Web Icons, 3D Icons, Professional Icons, Vista Icons, Stock Icons, Windows Icons, Icons, Icon,
Overall Average:

Change Folder Icons 8.6 Change Folder Icons
Replace standard folder icons with icons easily found on your computer
Tags: change, folder, icons, windows, free, icon, extractor, exe, icl, file, desktop, computer, drive, recycle-bin, color,
Overall Average:

Business Icons for Developers 2012.2 Business Icons for Developers
Enhance your accounting or business-oriented software with readily available professional Business Icons for Developers.
Tags: business icons, business, icons, icon, design, icon design, portfolio, web design, webdesign, clipart, cliparts, ico, graphcis, studio, designers, buy icons,
Overall Average:

Aqua Application Icons 1.0 Aqua Application Icons
Professional Aqua Style Icons for Mac, Vista, and Web Applications
Tags: professional icons, stock icons, aqua icons, mac icons, web icons,
Overall Average:

ABB Web Icon Extractor 5.1 ABB Web Icon Extractor
Convert all images in web page to icon/icon library files.
Tags: Extract icons, Web Icons, Icon Convertor, Jpg2Ico, Bmp2Ico,
Overall Average:

Soft Icons 3.0 Soft Icons
Professional-quality software icons in raster and vector formats
Tags: icons, stock icons, vista icons, xp icons, icon,
Overall Average:

Web Icon Library 3.4 Web Icon Library
Plenty of liquid-smooth ready icons to enhance an interface of web sites
Tags: stockicons, stock, icon, icons, hardcore, ico, collection, icone, web,
Overall Average:

Realistic Icons Collection 4.0 Realistic Icons Collection
A collection of Windows Vista fashioned icons. Comes with full vector sources.
Tags: icons, stock icons, vista icons, xp icons, icon,
Overall Average:

Icons from File (Укр. 4.02 Icons from File (Укр.
Extracts icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX, etc.
Tags: icons, extract, icon, export, extracting, extracting icons, icon tool, extract icons, export icons, exporting icons, tool, JPEG, ICO, BMP, EMF, HTML,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Desktop Boss Icons 2013 Desktop Boss Icons
Boss icons of executives, officers, members of royal family and other leaders
Tags: icons, desktop, boss, icon packs, windows icons, boss icons, chief icons, boss icon pack, desktop boss,
Overall Average:

Bee Icons 4.0.3 Bee Icons
Allows changing over 250 system icons by applying themes to them
Tags: Bee, bee icons, bee icons themes, icon, customize, customise, custom, change, replace, shift, themes, theme, icon themes, desktop, start, start menu,
Overall Average:

Tab Bar Icons 2012.1 Tab Bar Icons
The collection of Tab Bar Icons brings more than 1200 high-resolution images for iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices.
Tags: tab bar icons, stock icons, tab icons, collection, iphone icons, ipad icons, apple icons,
Overall Average:

Desktop Buffet Icons 2013 Desktop Buffet Icons
Stock images of meals, drinks and restaurant staff including cooks and waiters
Tags: icons, desktop, buffet, icon packs, windows icons, food icons, cheff icons,
Overall Average:

Free Twilight Desktop Icons 2012.1 Free Twilight Desktop Icons
Free icons based on the Twilight Saga characters and symbols
Tags: icons, desktop, twilight, icon packs, windows icons, free icons, movie icons,
Overall Average:

Free Business Desktop Icons 2013.1 Free Business Desktop Icons
Get your business going with this set of desktop icons
Tags: icons, desktop, hardware, icon packs, windows icons, free icons, business icons,
Overall Average:

Desktop Crystal Icons 2013.1 Desktop Crystal Icons
Icons of gems and crystals for designing software and website interfaces
Tags: icons, desktop, crystal, icon packs, windows icons, gemstones, crystal icons,
Overall Average:

Desktop Halloween Icons 2013.1 Desktop Halloween Icons
Instantly enhance your desktop with this set of Halloween oions!
Tags: icons, desktop, halloween, icon packs, windows icons, free icons, halloween icons,
Overall Average:

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