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Roommate Finder Solution JAN.2010 screenshot Roommate Finder Solution
Solution for placing and searching commercials on rooms rent.
Tags: roommate script, room mate, rental roommate, roommate finder, roommate services, find a roommate, roommate search,
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MS Word Duplicate Data Remove Software 7.0 screenshot MS Word Duplicate Data Remove Software
Delete duplicate lines or words from one or more MS Word files.
Tags: search, lines, entries, rows, comparison, list, match data, entry, compare, records, search, cells, names, unique list, unique number, unique value,
Overall Average:

driver finder 2. 2.0 driver finder 2.
Why DriverFinderâ„¢ Leaves Other 'Update Tools' in the Dust!
Tags: registry, windows, upgrade, finder, driver,
Overall Average:

duplicate file cleaner 1. 1.0 duplicate file cleaner 1.
Duplicate File Cleaner Duplicate Outlook Emails Detector with more criterias
Tags: Duplicate File Cleaner, cleaner, windows, scan, remove,
Overall Average:

OE Duplicate Remover 1.2.0 OE Duplicate Remover
Find and Remove Duplicate Messages in Outlook Express
Tags: Outlook Express, Duplicate, Message, Remover, Cleaner,
Overall Average:

Driver Finder 1.7.1 Driver Finder
Saves the frustration and time investment associated with updating drivers.
Tags: Drivers, Driver, Vista Drivers, XP Drivers, USB Drivers, Drivers updates, Audio Drivers, Video Drivers, Driver finder, Driver recommendations, Driver Downloads,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Content Pro 1.0 screenshot Duplicate Content Pro
Article Marketer’s Duplicate Content Pro by the Freshwater Aquarium Source.
Tags: freshwater aquarium, source, duplicate, content, seo, keyword, density, internet, marketing, e-commerce, affiliate, marketer, article, ezine, tool, application,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Content Eliminator 1.0 Duplicate Content Eliminator
Article Marketer’s Duplicate Content App by Wall Mount Aquarium.
Tags: wall, mount, aquarium, source, duplicate, content, seo, keyword, density, internet, marketing, e-commerce, affiliate, marketer, article, ezine,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Duplicate File Finder Plus 3.0 screenshot Duplicate File Finder Plus
Duplicate File Finder Plus - Quick finds the duplicate files on your drives relied on file content, and you can remove the unwanted files, so as to...
Tags: duplicate file finder, duplicate cleaner, duplicate finder, find duplicate files, duplicate file remover,
Overall Average:

Duplicate File Detector 4.8.0 screenshot Duplicate File Detector
The powerful tool to search for file duplicates on your computer
Tags: Remove, Delete, Duplicate, NoDupes, Files, Finder, Detector, Explorer,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Finder 3.6 screenshot Duplicate Finder
Remove duplicate files and recover valuable disk space in minutes.
Tags: duplicate file finder, find duplicate files, remove duplicate files, duplicate finder,
Overall Average:

eBay Auction Typo Finder 1.02 eBay Auction Typo Finder
eBay typo auction finder and $1 deal listings - instant access to ebay deals
Tags: ebay auction, typo finder, ebay typo, deal finder, coupons, auctionegg, auction egg, auction,
Overall Average:

Typo Finder 1.0 Typo Finder
Find commonly misspelled words or phrases for adwords campaigns or other SEO.
Tags: jupiter jack, typo finder, common misspelled words, find misspelled words, buy jupiter jack, jupitor jack,
Overall Average:

Acai Finder 1.0 Acai Finder
Acai Berry Finder Toolbar For People Using The Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Tags: acai, acai berry, acai finder, acai berries, acai toolbar, acai resources,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Austin Apartment Finder 1.0 screenshot Austin Apartment Finder
Austin partment Finder toolbar for Internet Explorer. Apartment findertoolbar.
Tags: Austin Apartment Finder, Browser Toolbar, Cool Toolbar,
Overall Average:

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel screenshot Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel
This add-in helps you find and remove partial duplicates and typos in Excel.
Tags: Excel, Find, Duplicates, Remove, Microsoft,
Overall Average:

Duplicate File Eraser 1.4 Duplicate File Eraser
Duplicate File Eraser is a small utility to search and delete duplicate files
Tags: duplicate, double, clean, eraser, remover, file, files, finder, free, freeware, delete, disk, space, tool, utility, clone,
Overall Average:

Java Class Finder 2.0 Java Class Finder
Search a class in all JAR/WAR/EAR files that in a selected directory.
Tags: Java Class Finder, find class, search class, jar, war, ear,
Overall Average:

Duplicate File Detective 3.6.3 screenshot Duplicate File Detective
Professional grade duplicate file management solution
Tags: duplicate, file, files, finder, find, remover, delete, remove, clean, manager, software,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Cleaner 2.0.5 Duplicate Cleaner
Find and delete duplicate files and music on your hard drive or network. Free.
Tags: Duplicate, files, cleaner, disc, photo, file, management, mp3, music, flac, ape, wma, duplicate files, delete, m4a, m4p,
Overall Average:

Duplicate Checker 3.3 screenshot Duplicate Checker
Duplicate file finder and remover. Searches duplicate images, photos, mp3 files
Tags: duplicate, file, finder, remover, files, image, photo, song, music, mp3, delete, checker, find, images, photos,
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