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DynamicSkinForm 12.80 DynamicSkinForm
Create cool application with skins support!
Tags: skin creator, customize skin, create style, skin style design,
Overall Average:

ImageGlue ASP 6.1 ImageGlue ASP
Powerful ASP Image Manipulation Toolkit.
Tags: image, picture, upload, dynamic, manipulation, asp, iis, component, library,
Overall Average:

VB Friend 2.0 VB Friend
VB addin with code indentation, completion, AutoCorrect and backup
Tags: vb6, visual basic, addin, indent, pretty print, productivity, code beautify,
Overall Average:

INNOBATE AV SDK for . ET 3. to detect Malware from within your own software.
Tags: INNOBATE, AntiVirus, Anti-Virus, Malware, .NET Framework, .NET, .NET 3.5, VB.NET, .NET Framework 3.5, Microsoft .NET Framework,
Overall Average:

VBAcodePrint 8.0.20 VBAcodePrint
Print Microsoft VBA source code in color of your applications across the entire Microsoft Office XP, 2007-2013 suite of applications: Word, Excel,...
Tags: print, vba, VBA7, source, code, office, Visual Basic for Applications, CADCAM,
Overall Average:

fpHelp Builder 3.2.2 fpHelp Builder
fpHelp add-in renovates Microsoft FrontPage to create Windows HTML (CHM) Helps
Tags: htmlhelp, winhelp, chm, hilfecompiler, authoring, robohtml, helpsystem, helpcompiler, robohelp, Microsoft, FrontPage, add-in, html, helptools,
Overall Average:

Cynics Accounting VB. ET  Source Code 3.1.0 Cynics Accounting VB. ET Source Code
Cynics Accounting with Source Code in VB. ET, GL, AR, AP, Inventory
Tags: Accounting Source Code, VB SQL Accounting, VB.NET Accounting Source Code, Source Code Accounting,
Overall Average:

StroyCode 1.72 StroyCode
StroyCode combines a set of features that are necessary for a developer.
Tags: IDE, programming, delphi, source, editor, pascal,
Overall Average:

Visual Basic Activex Controls Visual Basic Activex Controls
visual basic 6. ActiveX Controls For Professional Applications .
Tags: visual basic, VB 6.0, visual basic 6.0, Activex, controls, control, ocx, vb6, components, tools, free, download, vista, form,
Overall Average:

for Windows Help Designer/HtmlHelp 3.8.7 for Windows Help Designer/HtmlHelp
Visagesoft for Windows® Help Designe/ HTML is a tool creating html help file
Tags: help authoring, help tool, tool, HtmlHelp, html help, java help,
Overall Average:

Java Outlook Connector 2.1.3 Java Outlook Connector
Java Outlook Connector is a Java library for the MS Outlook application.
Tags: java, outlook,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

DC Image Button 4.0 DC Image Button
allows you to change button icons according to your user's mouse actions.
Tags: image button, animated button, smart button,
Overall Average:

PC Guard for Win32 6.00.0050 PC Guard for Win32
Professional software protection and licensing system.
Tags: software protection, software copy protection, copy protection, software licensing,
Overall Average:

Creative BASIC 1.15 Creative BASIC
Compile stand alone Windows 9x,XP,Vista programs with Creative BASIC
Tags: BASIC, compiler, runtime, script, windows, language, IDE, programming, write, programs, compile, Direct3D, DirectX, QBASIC,
Overall Average:

. ET EMail Component EMail. ET POP3,SMTP 1.00 . ET EMail Component EMail. ET POP3,SMTP
Easy yet powerful POP3, SMTP, IMAP components for . ET with MIME, SSL and proxy
Tags: email, .net, smtp, pop3, imap, SSL, proxy, VB.NET, ASP.NET, mail component,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Java Flash Player - JFlashPlayer 2.1.1 Java Flash Player - JFlashPlayer
Java Flash Player displays Flash movies within Java Applications.
Tags: java flash, java flash player, jflashplayer, java, flash, actionscript,
Overall Average:

SQL Server Data Access Components 6.8 SQL Server Data Access Components
VCL/VCL. ET/CLX component library for fast direct access to SQL Server.
Tags: sdac, sql server, mssql, ms sql, dac, vcl, clx, net, delphi, rad studio, rad studio xe2, bds, core lab, data access components, bde, c++builder,
Overall Average:

Java Excel Connector 1.2.0 Java Excel Connector
Java Excel Connector is a Java library for the MS Excel application.
Tags: java, excel,
Overall Average:

Oracle Data Access Components 9.1 Oracle Data Access Components
Delphi,C++Builder and Lazarus component library for fast direct access to Oracle
Tags: odac, oracle, dac, vcl, lcl, net, delphi, rad studio, rad studio xe2, bds, core lab, data access components, bde, c++builder, turbo, c++,
Overall Average:

Zend Guard 5.0 Zend Guard
Enables the protection and mass distribution of commercial PHP applications.
Tags: Encode, encoder, obfiscation, obfiscate, license manager, license generator, php,
Overall Average:

Chilkat Java MIME Library 3.1 Chilkat Java MIME Library
Java MIME and S/MIME Library
Tags: Java, MIME, S/MIME, Library, Component, Module, Toolkit, SDK, Class, API,
Overall Average:

EditPlus 3.21 EditPlus
EditPlus is a text editor, HTML editor, PHP editor and Java editor for Windows.
Tags: text editor, html editor, php editor, java editor, notepad, hex viewer, syntax highlighting, c++, sftp, ftp, perl, css, asp, javascript, vbscript, programming,
Overall Average:

VisioForge Video Info SDK (ActiveX Version) 1.60.2 VisioForge Video Info SDK (ActiveX Version)
ActiveX control for receiving video info.
Tags: delphi, video, activex, info, movie, AVI, WMV, WMV9, MPEG, DIVX, XVID, VCD, SVCD, DVD, RMVB, SWF,
Overall Average:

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