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Boingo Mobile for Nokia N800/N810 1

Boingo Mobile for Nokia N800/N810 description

Boingo Mobile optimized for Nokia N800/N810 Internet Tablets instantly identifies Boingo Hotspots and automatically authenticates you with your Boingo account. By simplifying the connection process, Boingo Mobile eliminates the cumbersome task of navigating public Wi-Fi login pages. Download and install Boingo Mobile for free! Get a Boingo Mobile service subscription for 7.95 Dollars/3.95 GBP/5.95 EUROs per month for unlimited usage all over the world. There are no roaming costs, cancellation fees, or contracts.


OS Support: Linux,

License: Freeware

Last Update: 09 Nov 2007

Downloads: 4,240

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Boingo Wireless

Tags: Boingo, Hotspots, Identifies, Authenticates, Connects,

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