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Stylish is a Firefox extension that allows easy management of user styles.

User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client, or just have fun.

With an online repository at, you don't even need to know how to write styles yourself; just a couple clicks and the chosen style is applied.

Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript, and unlike other methods of using user styles, most styles take effect immediately.

Having both JSView and Stylish can cause crashes in Firefox 2.0.

If you're experiencing crashing opening the Manage dialog, in about:config set extensions.stylish.fileVersion to 2 and try again.

Changes on the new version:
· Updated the toolbar button to act more like other toolbar buttons\\r\\n· New default in Firefox 4 is to use the Add-ons Manager when choosing Manage Styles. The setting extensions.stylish.manageView is still available - 0 for add-ons manager, 1 for stand-alone dialog, 2 for sidebar\\r\\n· Added links for creating a new style and going to in add-ons manager\\r\\n· Removed Page Style overlay\\r\\n· Fixes for latest Firefox, Seamonkey, and Thunderbird\\r\\n· Updated Czech and Japanese localizations\\r\\n· Added partial Romanian localization

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OS Support: Linux Console, Linux Gnome, Linux Open Sour, MAC 68k

License: Freeware

Last Update: 19 Apr 2011

Downloads: 4,246

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Jason Barnabe

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