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Thai_for_Java_phones 1.0 Thai_for_Java_phones
Bundled programs: English-Thai / German-Thai dictionaries with search function
Tags: Thai, dictionary, java, mobile, phone, software, onscreen keyboard,
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LearnWords Palm 1.7.4 LearnWords Palm
training program for learning foreign words: 6 exercises, 20 languages, grammar
Tags: learn, palm, study, word, words, language, pronunciation, transcription, phrase, grammar, exercise, fast, easy,
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LearnWords S60v3 1.1 LearnWords S60v3
Training program to accelerate learning foreign words on Symbian 9.
Tags: learn, symbian, series, s60, 9.1, study, word, words, language, free, fast, easy,
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English Tester 2.1 English Tester
Prepare for examinations using the ultimate English language Tester.
Tags: test, tests, vocabulary, grammar, examinations, exams, exam, CAE, CPE, FCE,
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PalmStackz 2006 PalmStackz
Popular Flashcard organizer using a unique color visualization concept.
Tags: Flashcard organizer, Flashcards, vocabulary, learn, learning, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Dictionary, Kanji, Hanzi,
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