Four Ohio teenagers have been charged with murder for allegedly throwing a sandbag off an overpass that struck and killed a 22-year-old man.

Authorities say a construction sandbag was thrown over the Indiana Avenue bridge onto Interstate 75 in Toledo on Dec. 19, around 10 p.m. The bag landed on a car, crashed through the windshield and critically injured the front passenger, Marquise Byrd, of Warren, Michigan.

The driver, who was heading south on I-75, was not injured.

“God, God... he is laid out at my feet,” the driver said in a frantic 911 call. “I think this windshield might have smacked his head.”

You can listen to the recording here.

Byrd, who sustained a serious head injury, was treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital.

“Detectives determined the falling sandbag was not an accident, but a deliberate act,” Toledo police said.