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Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 src 0.06 Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 src
Quake I port for Nokia Series 60 source code
Tags: khumen, quake, nokia, port, source, code,
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Add-in Express for Internet Explorer 2010 Add-in Express for Internet Explorer
Develop add-ons for IE 6, 7 and 8, customize IE GUI, access IE objects & events.
Tags: internet explorer, add-on,, c++,
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Graybox OPC Server Toolkit 3.0.19 Graybox OPC Server Toolkit
OPC Data Access 1. 0, 2. 5a, 3. 0 Server Develpment Toolkit for C++ and. ET
Tags: opc, server, toolkit, data access, 3.00, C++, tools, development, library, CLR, Windows CE,
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RichView (C++Builder version) 14.0 RichView (C++Builder version)
Components for editing documents with images, tables and hypertext links
Tags: RichEdit, Unicode, RTF, hypertext, tables, bullets, editor, viewer, HTML, VCL, components, C++Builder, rich text,
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Mobile Phone Inspector Utility Mobile Phone Inspector Utility
Cell phone forensic tool show battery status, mobile model and SIM IMSI number
Tags: Mobile, phone, investigation, program, VC++, MFC, source, code, analysis, PDA, IMEI, number, SIM, IMSI, forensic, software,
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Add-in Express for Office and . ET 2010 Add-in Express for Office and . ET
Visual tool to create Office COM Add-ins, Smart Tags and RTD in VB. ET, C++, C#
Tags: COM Addin, Add-ins, Plugin, Office, Excel, Word, Outlook, .NET, C++, Visual Basic, RTD, Smart Tag,
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Overall Average:

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AutoFlowchart 3.2 AutoFlowchart
auto generate N-S chart and flowchart from code and export to WORD,Visio,SVG
Tags: flowchart, N-S, source, code, WORD, visio, SVG,
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C Code Library C Code Library
Multi-language source code library and clipboard extender for Windows
Tags: C++, cpp, source code, source code library, code librarian, code snippet, code snippet manager, code, sourcebook,
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. ET Reactor . ET Reactor
Strong native code protection & licensing system for . ET assemblies(EXE & DLL).
Tags: .net, compiler, decompiler, disassembler, obfuscation, obfuscator, protect, protection, protector, reverse engineering, anakrino, dotfuscator, obfuscated, obfuscating, dotnet,
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Liquid XML Data Binder 8.0.1 Liquid XML Data Binder
Creates a Library for C++,C#,Java,Silverlight,VB. et,VB6 based on an XML Schema
Tags: XSD Schema, DTD, Class Generator, Generate library, XML, C++, Java, Silverlight, VB.Net, Visual Basic, Binder, Binding,
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Easy Way to Use SQLite 2.0 Easy Way to Use SQLite
Learn how to create embedded SQL database applications using Visual C++
Tags: How-To eBook, SQLite, embeddedable database, database, SQL, Visual C++,
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Add-in Express 2008 for Outlook Express 2008 Add-in Express 2008 for Outlook Express
Develop managed, secure, isolated plugins for Outlook Express & Windows Mail.
Tags: outlook express, windows mail, plug-in, add-in,, c++,
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ANPR 1. 0. 10. 5 ANPR
Select a directory with car images and ANPR reads their number plates regis
Tags: ANPR, automatic, number plate, recognition, LPR, License, plate, reader, camera, SDK, software, development, kit, access, control, parking,
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SGP Baltie 4 C# 4.2 SGP Baltie 4 C#
Modern scalable object-oriented educational programming teaching tool.
Tags: SGP, Soukup, Baltie, .NET, kids, children, youth, Visual Studio, games, development, Lego, Logo, C++, programming language,
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SignalLab VC++ 4.5 SignalLab VC++
SignalLab is a set of VC++ components, for fast (DSP)Digital Signal Processing.
Tags: DSP, Digital Signal Processing, Signal Processing, FFT, DFT, Goertz, Fourier, FIR, IIR, DCT, Median, Hilbert, Haar, Power Spectrum, LowPass, HiPass,
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RC Localize 6.0 RC Localize
Translate Visual Studio RC resources files, localize your application easily
Tags: development, resource, msdev, visual, studio, localization, localize, translation, translate, edit, editor, edition, application, item, dialog,
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C++ Code Export 1.0.0 C++ Code Export
Quickly and easily format, export and print your C/C++ documents with this tool
Tags: c++, cpp, format, indent, beautify, formatter, source code indenter, c++ code beautifier, pretty-printing, conversion,
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ASP. ET Ajax Chat 1.0 ASP. ET Ajax Chat
Fully Featured and Customizable Asp. et Ajax
Tags:, ajax, video, chat,
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Speedy Make 2.0 Speedy Make
For building software faster, replace make and use makefile in XML format.
Tags: scriptol, source, open, free, make, makefile, speedy, easy, speedymake, configure, install, generate,
Overall Average:

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Xceed Chart for . ET 4.1 Xceed Chart for . ET
The common-sense . ET chart component for creating spectacular 2D/3D charts
Tags: Chart, Graph, graphics, .NET, ASP.NET, server, streaming,
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