1st AutoRun Express 3.11

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Let your CD or DVD automatically open your documents or display an autorun menu when your disk is inserted into the user's computer. Create autorun CD in a few clicks, no design or programming required! All you need to do is to specify your documents, web pages and presentations in this easy step-by-step wizard. You can create autorun CD from scratch or add autorun capabilities to the files already prepared for your CD.

You can ensure that your users will read your documents! If your user does not have the necessary software to open your documents, then this software can be installed automatically from your CD or user can be directed to 1st Autorun Express online viewers library where this software can be found. You can provide your own custom links to the site with the required software.

Your autorun menus will automatically adapt its look to user's operating system and font settings. You don't need to manually position your buttons, just drag your documents to the wizard and let it do all the hard work for you!

Once you complete the wizard, you can burn your CD right from the program or test autorun cd without burning. You can completely customize the launcher program for your CD, assign custom file name, icon and version information.

We recommend you to try this program yourself and you will find how easy it is to create autorun cd with it. Try this program now!

  • 1st AutoRun Express 3.11
  • 1st AutoRun Express 3.11

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