4XPipSnager 2.0 2.0

Authors Description

4X Pip Snager is going to change all !
You’ll learn how to trade with the near term trend right off the bat! A critical factor in the choppy Forex Market!
You’ll learn how to buy only when you’re suppose to be buying, and you’ll learn how to sell only when you’re suppose to be selling. That alone will reduce your losses by 70%!
You’ll learn the exact time when to enter your trades with the least amount of drawdown possible. Some trades with almost Zilch Drawdown!
You’ll learn the best possible times to trade. Or, when to stay out of the market all together.
You’ll learn exactly where to put your stop loss so you don’t get knocked out of the trade prematurely.
You’ll learn how to take the most pips possible out of each trade.
You’ll learn how to recognize a good trading opportunity from a BAD one!
You'll find information in my ebook YOU won't find ANYPLACE else! Priceless!!
You’ll learn how to find True Support & Resistance.
You’ll learn how to use Support & Resistance in the safest way possible!
You’ll learn how to scalp the market for a quick 10 pips and you’ll learn how to go after 100 + pips!
And a whole lot more. . .

Stare at your screen for 12 to 16 hours a day! A few hours a day is all that’s needed.
You don’t have to try and figure out any complicated setups, 4X Pip Snager is so easy to recognize the setup a young child could do it. 100% Guaranteed!
You don’t need any Fibonacci Retracement Tools or complicated Neural Network Equations or Harmonic Butterfly Patterns.
You don’t have to try and figure out any complex “Price Driven Setups” with 10 different criteria conditions that even a trader with 30 years experience would be scratching his head trying to figure it out.
You don’t have to try and figure out any “Price Action Setups” like: Pin Bars, Inside Bars, Outside Bars, Double Bar High Lower Close Bars, Double Bar Lower High Close Bars…

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