AB Invoice Accounting module 10.1

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This module is used to keep track of your business. You need to keep some sort of record to see how your business is going, as basis for your tax return, to show your bank, your business partner etc. This is a single entry accounting system that lets you design your records to suit your needs.
Enter transactions. Enter the transaction in the order you want. They are automatically ordered in time order.
Single entry. You do not need to balance every entry.
Daybook/Ledger. Daybook and ledger are printed in the usual way.
Accounting report. Can be compiled for any period of time.
Custom reports. Custom reports can be designed for any groups and time span.
Fixed assets. Calculate fixed assets and depreciation for the accounting.
Snapshot. A quick look at the years result so far.

  • AB Invoice Accounting module 10.1
  • AB Invoice Accounting module 10.1

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