AB Invoice Customer module 10.1

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This module is used to:
Store customer data. You also keep contact data that is not used in the actual invoicing.
Fetch customer data to the invoice routine. Copy a customer’s name, address and reference straight from the customer database to the invoice.
Set credit limits. Set the credit limits for customers. You will get a warning when invoicing a customer that has reached 75 % of his credit limit.
Write notes on customers. Keep notes on customers such as discount, different terms etc. These notes will show up when you fetch the customer for invoicing.
Make lists of customers. List can be useful when checking customers for any reason, making a campaign to old customers, or simply to check where your customers live.
Print excerpt from the register. The register also can be printed, partly or as a whole, as address list, phone list, sales per customer or even all registered data for the customer.

  • AB Invoice Customer module 10.1
  • AB Invoice Customer module 10.1

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