AB Invoice, Invoice register module 10.1

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Invoices are saved in a database when they have been printed. This module uses this database to:
Register payments. Payments are registered and the database is updated. Late payments sets values for finance charging.
Write reminders. Reminder can be written if payment has not been registered in due time.
Make finance charging. Finance charging is calculated on interest rate, delay in days and invoice charge.
Print statements. Statements can be compiled for customers and sent as e-mail or as a letter. The "Customer module" must be installed to use this.
Handle invoices. Paid invoices are archived but not deleted. You can reverse the archivation, archive an unpaid invoice and delete invoices here. Prints from the invoice register are also possible.
Show expected payments. This shows an estimate of printed but unpaid invoices.

  • AB Invoice, Invoice register module 10.1
  • AB Invoice, Invoice register module 10.1

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