Acai Berry Weight Loss 1.0

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Acai Berry Weight Loss.Slim Acai Berry Weight Loss Supplement | Slim Acai Appetite Suppressant. Order New Slim Acai Dietary Weight Loss Supplement Online and Save! Get Your Risk-Free Trial of Slim Acai Today.
The Slim Acai diet supplement is new in the US market. As a promotion it is now available for a 14 day risk free trial. You can enter below. Participants receive 30 days worth of Slim Acai with Slimaluma® supplements for only $5.95 shipping and handling. When you enter in the coupon code WINTER at checkout you will only pay $2.99! This is a limited trial offer and only available for participants age 18 and older.

Free trial participants are eligible for the Slim Acai membership program that promises further monthly supply of Slim Acai at 20% off the retail price. Return and refund information is clearly provided.

As with any diet you should take Acai Slim for at least three months before expecting to see measurable weight loss results. Of course the detoxifying and body cleansing elements of Slim Acai start to work right away.

  • Acai Berry Weight Loss 1.0
  • Acai Berry Weight Loss 1.0

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