AIMstor 2.2

Authors Description

AIMstor provides a single data management platform enabling Backup, Realtime Replication, CDP and Archiving. The User interface enables you to create policies using different types of operations for given classifications.

Use all the features collectivelly seamlessly or use specific features.

Key built in features:

- Live Backup
- Realtime Replication
- CDP (Continuous Data Protection)
- Data Tracking
- Suitable for Application and file Servers, Desktops, Laptops
- Disaster Recovery Option
- Backup Depluplication data reduction.

Has built in Data Tracking enabling logging of who / what / when files were opened and modified.

It can be used on desktops / laptops and servers as well as protecting / replicating databases. Streamlined Distaster recovery is a cost option.

A Free license is available that works on perpetual renual basis. This is suitable for small environments. Larger configurations require a fully licensed version.

  • AIMstor 2.2
  • AIMstor 2.2

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