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If the built-in Flash updating utility isn't exactly your cup of tea or you simply want to handle the updating task easier, have a look at Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater.

As you may be tempted to believe just by reading its name, this is an application developed to take care of every Flash update, while also offering a bunch of extra tools.

With a tabbed GUI to show you local versions of Flash, but also to let you play with its settings, Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater can be safely installed by all user categories, be they rookies or professional.

The app can show Flash Player version for the common browsers on the market, including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer, in both 32- and 64-bit versions. If a new version is available, Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater can download and install it all by itself.

There are several settings to play with, including customizable parameters to automatically check for new versions at a user-defined interval, ignore specific updates and install all updates without user interaction.

Furthermore, if User Account Control is disabled, you have the option to input administrator username and password for a seamless installation, but also to configure proxy server to access the Internet.

Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater doesn't slow down the system at all and works surprisingly fast, no matter if we're talking about downloads or installation.

All in all, this is quite a handy piece of software that shall be used by all those who want to forget about the regular Flash Player updates. It doesn't require advanced computer knowledge and comes with a very straightforward approach.

Here are some key features of "Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater":

  - Even works if no Flash Player is installed on the system (offers download)
  - German & English (automatically detecting system language)
  - Can work completely hidden (except notifications when updates are available)
  - User can choose to let it start with Windows automatically

  • Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater
  • Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

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