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APBackup allows you to easily backup your files to local storage, CDs/DVDs or flashdrives and FTP/FTPS servers. It helps you organize your automatic backups.

Backups can be stored in standard Zip (ZIP64) format, APBackup also can use any external archiver (WinRar,ARJ,JAR,...). Also, this backup software allows you to upload data to FTP automatically.

Here are some key features of "APBackUP":

  -  Backup files can be stored in standard Zip (Zip64 compatible) format
  -  Strong Encryption (AES 128, 192, 256 bit)
  -  Plug-ins allows to create archive in ANY other format (WinRar, ARJ, JAR,...)
  -  Supports inclusion and exclusion of files by wildcard mask as well as by exact file name
  -  Supports backup of in-use and open files
  -  Detailed logs of all backup operations
  -  Intuitive user interface for beginners and advanced options for experts
  -  Has its own scheduler supporting unattended auto-backup and scheduling of any specific time or date, day of the week or month
  -  Allows you to create incremental backups so you only need to backup files that have changed
  -  Supports FTP, all types of LAN and UNC file path names (Network folders)
  -  Filename can be auto created for every backup. A maximum backup versions number can be set, the oldest backup versions will be auto deleted
  -  Backup files can be protected with a password
  -  Can notify user through email when backup operation have finished
  -  Can store multiple folders (even from different computers) in one archive
  -  Prepared archive can be stored in 3 additional folders
  -  External applications can be started before or after task execution
  -  Flexible performance tuning
  -  Source folders can be monitored, so tasks can be automatically started after source folders was changed

Changes on the new version:
- New interface
- Built-in Zip64 archiver
- Strong AES encryption
- FTPS (FTP over SSL)
- Vista support

APBackup 3.8 screenshot

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OS Support: Win2000, Win2003, Win98, WinNT 4.x, WinVista, WinXP

License: Shareware

Last Update: 29 Jan 2012

Downloads: 4,126

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: AVPSoft

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