A-PDF Scan and Split 3.9

Authors Description

A-PDF Scan and Split is a small, handy application designed to enable you to batch scan large volumes, unrelated documents and then create multiple PDF files separated base on blank page or barcode page. It also work with PDF files scanned already.

This software will come in handy if you have a batch scanner and you want to scan a batch of papers that have various pages.

Here are some key features of "A-PDF Scan and Split":

Save Your Time:
  -  When you scan large unrelated papers with a scanner with ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) , e.g. a lot of invoice, you need take them apart. It is a easy way to use the software. Just put a blank paper or a named barcode paper between the papers as division, then push Start button.

Unique Split Function:
  -  The program provides an unique function that splits scan PDF files based on blank or printed barcode page.

Powerful Output Name Pattern:
  -  A-PDF Scan and Split support macro for output name. Such as {barcode} , {part} etc.

Easy to Use:
  -  A wizard will guide you to go through the process.

  • A-PDF Scan and Split 3.9
  • A-PDF Scan and Split 3.9

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