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BackupChain Backup Software x86 2.4.526

BackupChain Backup Software x86 description

BackupChain Backup Software was specifically developed to suit the needs of IT professionals. It is fully configurable and performs fast live virtual machine and database backups to external hard drives, network drives, and FTP.

BackupChain contains specialized proprietary backup technology to handle millions of files and creates so-called "in-file deltas" via a delta compression algorithm. Delta compression detects file content changes and extracts them instead of creating redundant copies of entire files. This feature reduces bandwidth and storage requirements especially when dealing with large files, such as virtual machine images or database files. You may set up your own online backup system using the built-in FTP server.

The BackupChain FTP server permits receiving backup files from another server on the Internet, so you can send your files off-site without paying for hosting. The combination of FTP client and FTP server features make BackupChain ideal for setting up private and secure remote backup networks.

Key features of BackupChain Backup Software x86:

 - Granular Backup for Hyper-V, VMware (Server and Workstation), and VirtualBox Hosts
 - Granular Restore for Hyper-V, VMware (Server and Workstation), and VirtualBox Backups
 - Cloud backup hosting plans are available for Hyper-V, VMware, and other services.
 - High-speed deduplication (incremental and differential) on a file type basis
 - Simultaneous Backups within a backup task
 - Configurable File Retention Periods
 - Delayed Deletion of files deleted at the source
 - Time Machine-Like Restore: Restore file and folder structure as of time of backup
 - File backup history is configurable by file type
 - Stable, Enterprise Class Server Product, runs in background without users logged in.
 - Live Virtual Machine Backup without interruptions
 - Hyper-V Protection Single-Click, fully automatic, includes Cluster Shared Volume Support
 - File backup Configurable settings per file type.
 - Live Microsoft SQL Server Database Backups
 - Live Exchange Server backups and Outlook instance backups
 - Quick and Economic Incremental and Differential Backups
 - Continuous Server Backup and Protection
 - Efficient Locked File Handling via VSS
 - Remote Backups using built-in FTP Server
 - In-file Delta Compression creates smaller backups and minimizes bandwidth requirements.
 - Fully Configurable File Versioning based on file types
 - Advanced Scheduler
 - Email Alerts
 - Capable of backing up millions of Files
 - FTP / FTPS backups
 - Network backups
 - Military-strength encryption AES 256 (FIPS and HIPAA compliant)
 - Unattended mode run in a Windows service
 - Backup concurrency: Start several backups at the same time
 - Full CPU utilization (limit to one CPU core is possible)
 - Unicode file name handling: all languages supported
 - Data backup support for ultra-long file names (32768 characters long), even when creating ZIP files
 - Support for files larger than 4GB even with ZIP compression (64-bit file sizes are possible)
 - Selective file Restore of old file versions; search for old versions via date and time filter
 - Scans VMs and DBs in place with over 150MB/sec scanning speeds on modern servers.
 - All Windows Server Editions (2003 or later) are supported, including Core Installations and Hyper-V Server 2012 / 2008 R2.

Changes on the new version:
Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 Support with Automatic Hyper-V backup.Optimized speed and memory handling. New User Interface features.

BackupChain Backup Software x86 2.4.526 screenshot

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OS Support: Win7 x32, WinServer, WinVista, WinXP

License: Shareware

Last Update: 19 Dec 2012

Downloads: 4,127

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: FastNeuron Inc.

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