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Do you want to know what kind of game is hiding behind that funny name? You probably would not believe us if we told you that it's one of the best arcade naval shooters ever created. So, we are just going to stick to the facts:

Seventy missions oozing with action (make sure you don't run out of adrenaline halfway). It's a complete sensory overload, so we packed them in 6 different episodes to go easy on your heart, just like your cardiologist asked us. Seven vessel types (Patrol Boat, Cruiser, Turret, Twister, Barge, Sonic, Scout), each with a unique set of characteristics. By the way, all boat movements are done by marine physics scientists and are as realistic as mathematical models allow them to be. There are eight bonus types that can save your and your vessel's life, when you get into hot waters with opponents getting ready to feed you to sharks. Plus, you can enjoy three game modes. Campaign - seventy missions both offensive and defensive, some of them extremely challenging; Duel - one on one, face to face, your cruiser against my patrol boat kind of action; Battle - team naval rumble that will make your office productivity plummet. Yes, Battle Boattle 2.6 is a multiplayer, letting you play against human or computer opponents.

Here is a stern warning - Battle Boattle 2.6 is quite difficult. It's been often compared to Crimsonland, only on water, and the comparison correctly reflects the game difficulty level. So the game creators included a short tutorial to teach you the basics of marine navigation and naval battle strategy. You start out with a barge and make your way to naval vessels armed with powerful weapons. Once you are ready, you get right in the heat of action. The game features nice graphics and cool marine sound effects.

Battle Boattle 2.6 has very modest system requirements and is absolutely FREE to download and try.

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OS Support: Win95, Win98, WinME, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003, Win Vista

License: Shareware

Last Update: 18 Dec 2008

Downloads: 4,131

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: AquaPack Games

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