BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2013.2

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BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing is a useful and reliable manufacturing, distribution and accounting system which provides users with various options such as Inventory, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Quotes, Manufacturing, and Sales Analysis.

BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing is a billing , accounting and inventory tool.
Manufacturing orders default to the product standard component items and resources (labour and equipment), which you can then change for substitutions or running on a different machine if one is overbooked, or for manufacturing a custom product.

Bills of Materials may be printed for the plant personnel showing the materials and resources to be used.

Receipts default using data from the order, so only exceptions require entry, such as unplanned substitutions or differences in the quantities of materials or resources used.

Scheduling of shipments, purchasing and manufacturing is facilitated by a report showing current inventory levels, sales orders, purchase orders and manufacturing orders.

Payables and receivables are tracked separately for each currency and the GL automatically converts revenues and expenses to domestic currency.

Sales orders may be optionally entered as "quotes" and printed for customer approval. When approved, the status is changed to "On Order".

Picking slips may be printed for the shipping department. Bills of lading may be printed to go with the shipments. Multiple shipments are allowed per order.

User-defined financial statements can be created through a simple set-up process. GL account totals and inventory totals can be viewed on screen with drill-down to original source transactions.

BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing comes with sample data illustrating how the program can be used by a food manufacturing company, purchasing raw and packaging materials and manufacturing cases of food products for wholesale distribution.

BS1 is also suitable for companies manufacturing other types of products.

Delphi source code is available royalty-free. Single user free (no free updates). Single user with free updates and multi-user available.

  • BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2013.2
  • BS1 Enterprise with Manufacturing 2013.2

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