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Project Management

actiTIME MA r2.1.1 actiTIME MA
Web-based timesheet for effective management and accounting - free for 3 users
Tags: free time tracking software, time tracking software, time tracking, web based time tracking, timesheet software, timesheet, web based timesheet, time sheet,
Overall Average:

Mind Pad 3.1 Mind Pad
Mind Pad is an object-oriented concept mapping software
Tags: Mind Pad, AKS-Labs, mind map, mind mapping, concept map, process map, concept mapping, process mapping,
Overall Average:

Harmony@Work 2.0.4 Harmony@Work
Pick the right people for the job, increase efficiency and save money.
Tags: team-building, team building, industrial psychology, project management,
Overall Average:

LanInfo XP 2.9 LanInfo XP
LanInfo has been specially created for the business use.
Tags: lan alert, send alert, emergency receiver, network notifications,
Overall Average:

JobCost Controller for Excel 7.1 JobCost Controller for Excel
Construction Job Cost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel
Tags: cost estimation, cost tracker, Excel addon, cost, construction, budget,
Overall Average:

HomeCost Estimator for Excel 8.1 HomeCost Estimator for Excel
Home construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data
Tags: Construction, Cost, Estimating, Homecost, Excel, Spreadsheet, Pricing, Quote, Residential, Estimator, Contractor, Home,
Overall Average:

RoofCOST Estimator for Excel 9.1 RoofCOST Estimator for Excel
Roofing Installation Cost Estimator for Excel
Tags: Roofcost, Construction, Roofing, Roof, Cost, Project, Excel, Spreadsheet, Contractor, Builder,
Overall Average:

FloorCOST Estimator for Excel 8.1 FloorCOST Estimator for Excel
Flooring Installation Cost Estimator for Excel
Tags: Floorcost, Construction, Flooring, Floor, Cost, Project, Carpet, Excel, Spreadsheet, Contractor, Builder, Wood,
Overall Average:

PaintCOST Estimator for Excel 10.1 PaintCOST Estimator for Excel
Painting and Wallcovering Cost Estimating System for Excel
Tags: paintcost, construction, painting, paint, cost, estimating, project, wallcovering, excel, spreadsheet, contractor, builder, wallpaper,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Strategy2Act 1.2 Strategy2Act
Strategy2Act is a balanced score card (BSC) support software.
Tags: balanced scorecard, score card, scorecard, strategy, mission, vision, BSC, strategy2action, strategy2act, strategy to action,
Overall Average:

RepairCost Estimator for Excel 11.0 RepairCost Estimator for Excel
Insurance repair and restoration cost estimating system for Excel
Tags: Repaircost, Construction, Cost, Estimating, Repair, Restoration, Excel, Spreadsheet, Pricing, Quote, Residential, Estimator, Contractor, Insurance, Claim,
Overall Average:

Queuing Model Excel 30 Queuing Model Excel
Calculate the number of service staff to minimize service and waiting costs.
Tags: queue, queuing, model, customer, staff, service, line, points, utilization, flow, maximize, minimize, costs, tool, software, business,
Overall Average:

GeneralCost Estimator for Excel 9.1 GeneralCost Estimator for Excel
General construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data
Tags: Construction, Estimating, Generalcost, General, Remodel, Excel, Spreadsheet, Pricing, Quote, Residential, Estimator, CSI, Masterformat, Contractor, Building,
Overall Average:

RemodelCost Estimator for Excel 9.1 RemodelCost Estimator for Excel
Remodel construction cost estimating system for Excel with localized cost data
Tags: Construction, Cost, Estimating, Remodel, Repair, Restoration, Excel, Spreadsheet, Pricing, Quote, Residential, Estimator, Contractor, Remodeling,
Overall Average:

cpTracker Professional 2.2.6 cpTracker Professional
Contact, Project, Task, Sales Management, CRM System with Bulk Emailing
Tags: project management, bug tracking, task tracking, task management, contact management, prospect management, sales tracking, bulk emailing, CRM,
Overall Average:

Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel 30 Shift Scheduler Continuous Excel
Build a roster to your specifications with automatic staff allocation, easily.
Tags: shift, schedule, roster, staff, build, automate, security, continuous, allocation, work, 24hr, 24/7, excel, bizpep, program, shareware,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Overall Average:

TimeTrack 0.4.1 TimeTrack
Automatically keep track of your computer activties and usage time.
Tags: project management, time tracking, timesheet, monitoring, computer activity monitoring, pc activity monitoring, productivity tool,
Overall Average:

Vancouver Plumbing 1.0 Vancouver Plumbing
Vancouver plumbing job tracking sheet to record details of contract work
Tags: vancouver plumbing, vancouver plumber, plumbing in vancouver plumber in vancouver, ebook, plumber, plumbing,
Overall Average:

Auto Timesheet 1.1 Auto Timesheet
Automatically logs time spent on each application or website. Free full version
Tags: timesheet, time sheet, time management, time clock, parental control, billing, personal time management, managerial control, project management,
Overall Average:

Bit Computing Timetrack 4.4.570 Bit Computing Timetrack
Fully automated time usage/project tracking, analyzing and reporting software.
Tags: time tracking, timesheet, timesheets, time management, project management, computer activity monitoring, pc activity monitoring,
Overall Average:

A web-based CRM solution - CRMWeb 2.5 A web-based CRM solution - CRMWeb
CRMWeb is a flexible, efficient and easy to use web-based CRM software solution.
Tags: CRM, Customer Relationship Management, lead generation, sales force automation, web-based, hosted CRM,
Overall Average:

Project Planning and Management 2.2 Project Planning and Management
Complete project management solution for planning and managing any project
Tags: Excel template, project planning, management, scheduling,
Overall Average:

Hephaistos 2010.1 Hephaistos
It is a project management tool designed for small and medium sized companies.
Tags: project management tool, team work, Java, project planning, tasks,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

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