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Caliber FX Pro is a fantastic trading package, as a Caliber FX Pro member you will receive:
The Caliber FX Pro software that will stack up winning trades on 100% autopilot. This trading portfolio (3 EA's) maximises your profit and at the same time minimises your risk and has been optimised for the unique market conditions of 2010/11
The Caliber FX Pro user manual that will walk you through getting set up and unleashing it on to the Forex market
1A walk through video which compliments the manual and gets you set up in no time
A bonus strategy manual which will put you on a par with professional traders and which unravels some of the magic that has gone into the EA’s design
Lifetime 24/7 Caliber FX Pro email support,with personal responses from a qualified team
1Caliber FX Pro is a dual tested forex monster and offers an unparalleled level of performance in multimarket conditions.
Caliber FX Pro has all the hallmarks to become a market leader

In the next few minutes we'll prove TO YOU that trading on the Forex Market successfully can be EASY with our innovative software...
Losses are inevitable for all traders, but they don't matter when your gains make those losses look tiny. Sound too good to be true?...Well, clear your mind for a minute, suspend your disbelief and absorb every single word on this page we’re gonna show you how easy it can be...

Caliber FX Pro: The complete ‘Launch-and-Leave’ System
STEP 1: Install Trading Platform
STEP 2: Open a Demo Account
STEP 3: Install Expert Advisor File
STEP 4: Launch & Leave Caliber FX Pro
STEP 5: Go and enjoy life
STEP 6: Check your profits

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