Classic Menu for Office 2007 6.01

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If you still can't get along with the famous Ribbon interface in Microsoft Office 2007, Classic Menu for Office 2007 is definitely the right app for you because it brings the familiar Office 2003 menus in the new version of the Office suite.

Although the Ribbon interface is believed to be a great addition to Microsoft Office 2007, there are many users out there who still prefer the old and classy look of Office 2003.

That's why Classic Menu for Office 2007 may be considered a godsend, replacing the Ribbon with the traditional menus and toolbars quick and easy.

The application can be installed and customized in just a few minutes, supporting most Office tools, such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel and Access.

Each of these tools benefit from its very own pack of settings, so the users have the power to hide some of the built-in tabs and enable the classic menus and toolbars.

Additionally, there are dedicated options to show the "Menus" tab on the left of "Home" tab, but also to show the additional "All" menu item in "Menus" tab.

Classic Menu for Office 2007 can be safely used by beginners despite the fact that it doesn't boast a help file, but features are organized in tabs and everything is intuitive enough to keep you on the safe side.

Of course, Classic Menu for Office 2007 runs on very low resources and works even on Windows 7, so it should be able to do its job on any Windows workstation out there.

All in all, Classic Menu for Office 2007 is a must have for all Office 2003 fans and since it's so easy to use, it's aimed at all beginners out there.

Key features of Classic Menu for Office 2007:

  - Easy to enable or disable the menus and toolbars.
  - Easy to install and uninstall.
  - Quickly find and execute the command that you need.
  - The Menus tab can be shown on the left of Home tab, or shown as the last tab.
  - Just press Alt-Q-Q, to use the familiar keyboard shortcuts to browse the whole menu.

  • Classic Menu for Office 2007 6.01
  • Classic Menu for Office 2007 6.01

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