Classic Menu for Word 2007 7.00

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Bring back the classic menus and toolbars of Word 2003 to Microsoft Word 2007. You can use Word 2007 immediately without any training or tutorials if you used Word 2003 before. The software allows you to work with Word 2007 as if it were Word 2003.
All the new features in Microsoft Word 2007 have been added into the Main Menu, Standard Toolbar and Formatting Toolbar.

Key features of Classic Menu for Word 2007:

  -  Show classic view and old menu in Word 2007. Make Word 2007 look like 2003.
  -  60-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  -  Free updates (service packs, patches and higher versions of Classic Menu for Word 2007) and supports.
  -  Easy to show or hide tabs of Ribbon.
  -  Easy to show or hide the classic menus and toolbars.
  -  Easy to install and uninstall.
  -  Quickly find and execute the command that you want.
  -  Small file size: only3.9 - 4.1 MB. so downloads happen very quickly.
  -  Just press Alt-Q-Q, you can use the familiar keyboard shortcuts now.
  -  Fast startup and use it immediately.
  -  The Word 2007 icon ribbons will still be available at all times.
  -  You don't need any training or tutorials for Microsoft Word 2007.

  • Classic Menu for Word 2007 7.00
  • Classic Menu for Word 2007 7.00

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