Book Collector 7.1.3

Authors Description Book Collector is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application that helps users catalog their own book collection. It is a easy-to-use book database manager which you can use to catalog your home library.

The software will provide automatic book data and cover art. Just enter ISBNs or scan barcodes. Browse, sort and search your book collection in List View or Images View.

Here are some key features of " Book Collector":

  -  Catalog books without typing
  -  All data is downloaded to your book database automatically
  -  Instantly sort your lists
  -  On any field, e.g. alphabetically by author, title or genre, or by year
  -  Search your book database
  -  E.g. find a book by title or find all books you haven't read yet
  -  Print any list you want
  -  You decide which books to print, which fields and in which order
  -  Export data to HTML lists
  -  Place your book database on a website, including cover images
  -  Track your loans.

  • Book Collector 7.1.3
  • Book Collector 7.1.3

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