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Catalog your DVD movies in a database automatically. Just type the movie title or scan the DVD barcode to download all data from various sources on the internet (like IMDb and Amazon), including title, director, genre, actors and the cover image.

Movie Collector is what you need to browse your collection by title, year, genre, actors, etc... or use the Thumbnail View to view your cover images.

Sort and group on any field, print lists and export to HTML, CSV or XML. Use the integrated Loan Manager to track which DVDs you loaned and to whom.

Here are some key features of "Movie Collector":

Browse your movie collection:
  -  Browse your DVD inventory on screen, ordered the way you want (e.g. by Title or by Release Year). You can view your lists in a columnar List View or in the cool Images View, showing just DVD cover images.
  -  Group your movies in folders, e.g. by Genre, Director or Format, or scroll through them as one big list.

Available Fields:
  -  Main movie details: Title, Release Date, Running Time, Genre, Studio, IMDb Number, Audience Rating, Format (DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, VHS, etc...), Barcode (UPC or EAN)
  -  DVD properties: Subtitles, Audio Tracks, Screen Ratios, Region, Layers, Special Features, etc...
  -  Cast and Crew: Actors and the Characters they play, Director, Producer, Writer, etc...
  -  Personal information: Purchase information: Date, Store, etc..., Your rating, Location, Owner, etc...
  -  Website Links, movie files and extra images: Add links to websites, e.g. to IMDb, to the official movie site, etc..., Add links to movie files and start your movie player directly in Movie Collector, Add cover images, Add related other images, photos, etc..., Use the Links Tab page to add movie files by dragging and dropping.

Data entry and maintenance tools:
  -  Next/Previous buttons in Edit Movie screen let you edit multiple movies in a row, without leaving the edit screen.
  -  Use the Edit Multiple feature to modify data for multiple movies or episodes in one go.
  -  Rename data fields to suit your needs, several User Defined fields are available for this purpose.

Sorting and Searching:
  -  Order your movie lists any way you like using the Sort Order screen.
  -  Use the Quick Search box to search your entire database for the occurrence of a particular text.
  -  Or build advanced filters with the Filter screen, using AND, OR, NOT, equal, not equal, at least, at most.

View Movie and DVD Details in several cool skins:
  -  Choose from various included layout templates and styles.
  -  Download templates and styles created by other users.
  -  Create your own templates and styles using XSL and CSS code.

Database Statistics:
  -  Use the Statistics screen to view all kinds of stats on your DVD library. Use the graphical view to shows bar graphs per Studio, Actor, Director, Genre, etc.

  -  Print lists of all movies in the database, you can choose which fields to show as columns and which field to sort the list on.
  -  Print one movie per page with all details, including the cast and crew list and the cover images.
  -  Print several movies per page, including cover images and main fields.
  -  More user-created print layout templates can be downloaded from the Templates page.
  -  Print a selection of movies, e.g. the result of a search.

Export to HTML (PRO edition only):
  -  Export movie lists to HTML format, so that you can view and show your collection on your website.
  -  Export movie details pages using various layout templates and styles, including cast & crew, DVD details and cover images.

Export to the Notes section of your iPod (PRO edition only):
  -  Export a list of your DVDs to the iPod Notes system. Take your iPod with you to the store and browse your DVD collection right there on the spot. Now you can always check which. DVDs you already own and thus avoid duplicate purchases.

Other Export Options (PRO edition only):
  -  Export to Text (e.g. CSV), for using your data in other programs like Excel.
  -  Export to XML.

Loan Manager (PRO edition only):
  -  Track which DVDs you loaned and to who.
  -  Track Loan Date, Due Date and actual Return Date.
  -  Add extra notes for each loan.
  -  View all Loaned items, all Overdue items or entire loan history.

  • Movie Collector 8.2.3
  • Movie Collector 8.2.3

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