CommFort 5.60

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CommFort is a network communication software that is transfering the folders and is leaving a messages on the server. If you are looking for a network communication utility with a stable performance that doesn't cut down on computer productivity, CommFort will deliver this competitive edge.

Similar to the best software in its class, CommFort offers an intuitively transparent interface with a variety of features, including channels-based chat, user profiles, file transfers, system of sound notifications, over 80 graphical emoticons and more.

CommFort is a client-server chat for local area network. The software combines all attributes of the best network communication utility such as channels-based chat, voice chat support, user profiles, file and folder transfers, sound notification system and 100 graphical emoticons to spice up your chat. CommFort also allows you to insert pictures directly to the chat window and leave a message on the server if the recipient has gone offline.

All features are delivered in a well-rounded user interface, which is very easy to learn for both chat first-timers and experienced users. CommFort supports the communication of up to 4000 people simultaneously.

Here are some key features of "CommFort":

  - CommFort works both on local area networks and on the Internet. Terminal clients are supported.

  - Password authentication allows all users to operate a secure account.

  - CommFort offers multiple tools for centralized administration. Rights distribution makes it possible to assign individual rights and features to any user. Its flexible restriction system, bad word filter and flood filter allows administrators to have everything under control even if there are a lot of client users.

  - CommFort can work simultaneously with more than 5000 connected client users.

  • CommFort 5.60
  • CommFort 5.60

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