Data Exchange Wizard

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This Wizard helps you to load and export data from/into various data sources such as delimited and fixed width files or ODBC data source into/from Oracle, MS SQL Server or any ODBC compliant database

Data Exchange Wizard uses native API and performs calculation during import, executes SQL statements before and after Import or Export .

Integrated expression builder, comprehensive error log, rejected records file.

Here are some key features of "Data Exchange Wizard":

  - Adding Records
  - Updating Records
  - Deleting Records
  - Adding/Updating Records

Data Sources:
  - Multiple Text Files
  - Multiple Excel Files
  - Multiple Tables
  - Any ODBC Database

Target Databases:
  - Oracle 7-10g databases
  - MS Sql server 7- 2005
  - Any ODBC Database

  - Comprehensive logging
  - Rejected records file
  - Integrated expressions builder
  - Mapping editor
  - Sql scripts
  - Data Preview
  - Data Filtering
  - Integrated Sql Builder

  • Data Exchange Wizard
  • Data Exchange Wizard

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