Discstarter CD-ROM Autorun Menu System 6.3.5

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Discstarter is a highly customizable offline browser that allows you to create professional looking CD-ROM menus and front ends out of favourable and easy to create HTML pages that meet the highest demands on quality and reliability!

No programming knowledge is required and time consuming familiarization with complex authoring tools is not necessary as well.

Discstarter is a highly customizable offline browser that allows the creation of modern, professional-looking menus and front-ends for CD-ROMs by using simple HTML.

These front-ends meet the highest demands of quality and stability. Special programming knowledge is not required.

There are no limitations concerning the customization of Discstarter's browser window: a border style can be selected, or deselected at will. Or a self-designed skin for an individual window shape can be applied.

It is possible to show the window in full screen mode as well as a normal window. Additional functionality includes the ability to add, an optional toolbar, a custom icon, a caption and a default cursor.

Enhanced features for comfortable offline browsing are available, such as instant execution of EXE, ZIP, PDF and other file types directly from HTML pages. The system requirements for the HTML front-end can be tested like e.g. activated JavaScript or the presence of the Flash plug in.

Also typical security features of normal web browsers such as popup blockers or warnings when clicking on a link that points to an executable file are disabled by Discstarter because it has been designed especially for offline content. So browser security features cannot mess up your front-ends and the functionality provided by them any more.

Optional visual effects such as a drop shadow under Discstarter's browser window, or a smooth fade-in on startup, promote a professional look and feel to the user.

A simple and clean looking Start Menu or a stunning multimedia application: everything is possible! Not only CD-ROM menus can be created using Discstarter, also impressive digital business cards, product or company presentations, catalogs, documentation and PowerPoint presentations can be made.

Discstarter is an application that allows you to create HTML based CD-ROM menus in no time.

For a simple and quick integration into CD-ROM projects a special wizard called Discstarter Designer is provided, along with extensive documentation that assists you in generating the required configuration files.

Here are some key features of "Discstarter":

  - Menus and front ends are based on pure standard-compliant HTML pages
  - All features of modern browsers are fully supported
  - The Discstarter window is fully customizable (with/without window border, completely borderless or even with a custom skin applied to it, optional fully customizable toolbar, window title, application icon, etc.)
  - Popup blocker and other browser-related security features like blocking the execution of EXE files when referenced by a hyperlink do not influence the behaviour of you menu when running with Discstarter
  - Directly execute any file type you want when referenced by a Hyperlink
  - Copy or copy & execute any file via hyperlink (perfectly suited for software installations)
  - Checking system requirements (e.g. Flash, Quicktime or Java) before starting the menu and launching an alternative start menu if a requirement is not fulfilled
  - Context menus can be customized or even completely deactivated
  - Modern state-of-the-art GUI effects such as drop-shadow under the window or a smooth fade-in effect on start-up
  - Maximum compatibility and interoperability
  - Background music can be configured according to your needs (looping endlessly or stopping after the first click in the menu)
  - Execution of applications with command line parameters via hyperlink is supported
  - Additional external extensions allow you to integrate even more functionality, such as an installation-free CD-ROM Web server for CD-ROM menus that use PHP, Perl, MySQL or SQLite, etc. or a full text search engine for the CD-ROM content.

  • Discstarter CD-ROM Autorun Menu System 6.3.5
  • Discstarter CD-ROM Autorun Menu System 6.3.5

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