dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 5.0.0

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dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 2013 is a useful tool especially designed to provide you with a means of transferring metadata and other content from older versions of SharePoint to the most recent edition.

The application is actually very easy to operate, thanks to a user friendly interface that will enable you to simply drag and drop your files and migrate them in no time.

Pre-migration Scanning
Gather detailed information on your existing or desired SharePoint environments to ensure a seamless migration path and eliminate confusion to users.

SharePoint Migration
Once you drag and drop the contents to its new destination, the dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint® takes over and completes the process. You can migrate, reorganize or restructure your out-of-the-box contents with or without permissions.

Scheduled Migration
Scheduling the migration jobs at off-peak hours and in batch ensures minimal impact to the end users.

Backup and Restore
Regular backups of the SharePoint content ensures data safety, and can be restored as needed. Your data can also be exported or imported in a file system based format.

Governance Rules
The governance rules in your existing or desired SharePoint environment can be seen in a one-window operation, saving the time and hassle otherwise spent navigating various screens to consolidate this information.

Site-wide notifications or banners on selected sites can be published for a specified timeframe to keep users informed of important updates.

Migration Validation
The dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint automatically validates the content integrity to ensure no loss of data and provides a post-migration report with a comprehensive list of this content.

Technical Support
We provide hands-on support to make your migration a success. Support hours are included in every package. We are the largest SharePoint product support organization of any SharePoint migration product in the market.

  • dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 5.0.0
  • dSHIFT Migrator for SharePoint 5.0.0

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