Dupli Find 6.1.198

Authors Description

Dupli Find will locate duplicate lines in textfiles, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

Found duplicates are presented visually and can easily be removed from the source with a minumim of work required. Filtering can be used to pinpoint specific parts of the lines for better results. Dupli Find can also be used as a general text utility that provides many functions for manipulating text files.

Here are some key features of "Dupli Find":

 - Opens text files, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.
 - Displays a list duplicate lines / rows that were found.
 - Visually select duplicates to remove, manually or automatic.
 - Saves the file without selected duplicates.
 - Can display frequency of recurring lines. Use Dupli Find to...
 - Manage your data lists, such as newsletter email lists.
 - Gather statistics from your data files.
 - Verify lists where each item must be unique.
 - Help you perform data mining tasks.
 - Join several text files into one, only keeping unique lines.
 - Sort lines in textfiles, ascending or descending.

  • Dupli Find 6.1.198
  • Dupli Find 6.1.198

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