Easy Automation 1.6

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Easy Automation is an extremely powerful yet simple to use tool for automating repetitive activities on your computer. With Easy Automation's "Script Creation Tools" you can easily create scripts that will do your work for you, like running other applications, or working with files. You then assign those scripts to do the work at a specific time, or in response to events, like files changing, or windows opening.

For advanced users, Easy Automation allows you to directly edit the automation scripts, using a editor with modern features like syntax highlighting, bracket matching, and code folding. The automation scripts are based on JavaScript a well know, highly flexible, and simple programming language. You can also extend Easy Automation by building your own extension modules, or by download modules other users have shared.

This combination of features makes Easy Automation a powerful tool, with the highest level of flexibility in its class. Oh, and did we mention that the base version is FREE!

  • Easy Automation 1.6
  • Easy Automation 1.6

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