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Easyscript for Oracle 1.3.6

Easyscript for Oracle description

Easyscript for Oracle is a tool to help you manage scripts efficiently

and use scripts easily. The goal of easyscript is providing you a uniform

and easy envrionment to manage and use your scripts.

With hundreds of ready-made scripts, easyscript is also a monitoring and tuning

tool for Oracle DBA and application developer.

With Easyscript for Oracle there is no more hunting around on your hard drive for your favorite and important scripts!


1. Scripts are well organized in tree structure, can be nested in any level, divided into

different categories as you like. Each tree node represents a script.

2. Using the search function, you can find a particular script even faster.

With a mouse click, you can view the entire script,and even flip back and forth between scripts.

3. Add script into (delete script from,modify script name in) script tree can be done on the fly.

4. SQL statement, sqlplus command and pl/sql block can be mixed together into a script,

edit script in script window with syntax highlighting.

5. Able to convert old scripts located in directory and subdirectory to a well organized script

tree used by easyscript, so migrate your old scripts in file system to easyscript is very handy.


1. Script is sqlplus compatible, so any scripts previously run in sqlplus can be run

by easyscript, and vice versa.

2. Execute script in easyscript is just one mouse click.

3. All scripts or scripts located under a categories can be runned in batch mode.

4. Scripts can be scheduled to run in batch mode to generate report of any targeted databases.

5. Report generated by easyscript can be in htm or txt format.More output format such as cvs,excel

will be supported soon.

6. Able to highlight column data of query result when it's value meet pre-defined condition,

this makes report more readable.

Easyscript for Oracle 1.3.6 screenshot

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OS Support: Win95, Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003,

License: Shareware

Last Update: 10 Nov 2007

Downloads: 4,138

Virus reports: Virus check results

Publisher: Gudu Software

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