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Activ E-Book Features
Activ E-Book Compiler is
Incredibly easy to use
A turnkey system that any aspiring electronic publisher can use
Comes with complete instructions
Works on computers with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista (requires Internet Explorer 4 or later)
Here's just some of what you get in the free version of Activ E-Book Compiler:
Unlimited E-Books: Create as many E-Books as you want.

Royalty Free: There are absolutely no royalties or on-going fees to use the system.

Easy Distribution: Each E-Book is a self-contained Windows program. You can distribute them on any media you like, including by Internet download, by e-mail, floppy disk, CD-ROMs, ZIP disks.

Incredibly Easy to Use: Attractive modern Windows user interface with easy to use buttons and menus. Makes creating E-Books a snap.

Complete Documentation: Straightforward documentation explaining every menu option - every command - and every option in the program. The documentation even covers the steps you should take before using the program. - like how to design HTML files that compile into a high quality E-Book.

Compatibility: E-Books created using Activ E-Book use the exact same "engine" as Internet Explorer. This means total compatiblility with the world's most popular web browser including support for HTML, DHTML, images & animations, JPEG and PNG graphics, JavaScript, VBScript, and most Internet Explorer plug-ins.

Internet Linking: Use standard HTML features to include links to relevant web sites in your E-Book. When a user clicks on a link to a web site, the program even opens Internet Explorer giving them a chance to connect if they're not already connected. ...And yes, you can even link to your own web site to draw traffic!

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