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IQ Test eng_1.6 IQ Test
An online random IQ test.
Tags: IQ test, random, intelligence, intellect, test, color, lines, game, scores,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

SurGe 6.50 SurGe
Mapping package and surface interpolation / approximation
Tags: mapping software, surface, interpolation, approximation, Kriging, minimum curvature,
Overall Average:

Audio Multi-Channel Generator 5.05 Audio Multi-Channel Generator
Eight-channel Multi-tone audio frequency sinusoidal & noise signal generator
Tags: Eight-channel, multi-tone, audio sound frequency, sinusoidal, noise, signal generator,
Overall Average:

Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter 7.30 Audio Spectrum Analyzer - OscilloMeter
Multi-channel Audio Spectrum Analyzer for Real-time
Tags: Real-time FFT, Audio Spectrum Analyzer, OscilloScope,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Chemspread PRO 3.4 Chemspread PRO
balances virtually any chemical equation and follows up with stoichiometry calcs
Tags: chemistry, spreadsheet, calculator, balance, equations, stoichiometry,
Overall Average:

Pixcavator Image Analysis Software 2.3 Pixcavator Image Analysis Software
Analyze image content, save to Excel, manipulate image.
Tags: image analysis, image processing, image editing, computer vision,
Overall Average:

Gravit 0.4.2 Gravit
Gravit is a gravity simulator that uses Newtonian physics.
Tags: Gravit, Graviton, gravity, nbody, N-body, N body, simulate, simulation, simulator, octree, octtree, OpenGL, SDL, GL_ARB_point_parameters, GL_ARB_point_sprite, lua,
Overall Average:

EC Praxis 3J 5.0 EC Praxis 3J
Steel connections design application for all major connection types
Tags: steel connections, connection design, Eurocode 3, ETABS steel connections, SAP steel connections,
Overall Average:

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator 4.0 BrainStimPro Binaural Generator
Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4. color strobe 300 Options (BrainStimPro)
Tags: Binaural, Brainwave, Professional, Medical, software, biofeddbacl, tone, brain, meditate,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Snake Eye Vision 1.0 Snake Eye Vision
The program simulates movement detection and vision of the snake eye.
Tags: free, educational, snake, eye, vision, biology,
Overall Average:

Clean the Window! 1.0 Clean the Window!
Clean the ice from the window before the window freezes back.
Tags: free, educational, game, clean, window,
Overall Average:

Two Channels Frequency Generator 1.0 Two Channels Frequency Generator
Independent control of frequency, phase and volume on left and right channels.
Tags: free, educational, psychophysics, psycho-acoustics, laboratory, experiment,
Overall Average:

BATE pH calculator BATE pH calculator
BATE calculates pH of weak/strong acid/base mixtures and their titration curves
Tags: calculation, titration, titration curve, base, acid, chemical, equilibrium, ion equlibria, hydrolysis,
Overall Average:

EBAS reaction calculator EBAS reaction calculator
universal chemical equation balancer and stoichiometry calculator
Tags: balancing, chemical, equations, reaction, stoichiometry, calculation,
Overall Average:

Overall Average:

Asynx Planetarium 2.61 Asynx Planetarium
Over 10000 stars, 88 constellations and planets, moon from different locations.
Tags: Planetarium, Astronomy, Software, Moon, Planets, free,
Overall Average:

Atomic PC 6.9.1 Atomic PC
Periodic table of the elements software with a wealth of nuclear information.
Tags: periodic, table, elements, atom, nuclear, radiation, decay, gamma, alpha, beta, isotope, chemistry, physics, neutron, proton, electron,
Overall Average:

Colon Cancer Prognosis 1.0 Colon Cancer Prognosis
what are the treatment and survival for colon cancer prognosis
Tags: Colon, Cancer, Prognosis, Colon Cancer, Cancer Prognosis, Colon Cancer prognosis,
Overall Average:

AstroGrav (Windows) 1.9.1 AstroGrav (Windows)
Software to simulate how objects move and interact under the force of gravity.
Tags: gravity, astronomy, astro, simulation, solar system, gravitation, newton, orbit, educational, many-body, astrophysics, planetary motion, kepler, animated, n-body,
Overall Average:

CodonCode Aligner 3.7.1 CodonCode Aligner
Fast, powerful & affordable sequence assembly, alignment, and mutation detection
Tags: assembly, fasta, aligner, alignment, consensus, contig, trace, mutation detection, sequence editor, ABI, SCF, windows, mac, sequencing, analysis,
Overall Average:

EasyNN-plus 14.0 EasyNN-plus
Create, train, validate, query neural networks, import plain text or images.
Tags: neural network, artificial intelligence,
Overall Average:

Chemical Equation Expert 2.12a Chemical Equation Expert
Chemical Equation Expert is an integrated tool for chemistry professionals
Tags: Balance chemical equaions, balancing chemical equations, solve chemcial equations, Chemical Equation Calculator,
Overall Average:

I-Doser 5.1 I-Doser
Binaural Brainwave Doser for creating a simulated mood or experience
Tags: Digital Drugs, Digital Doses, Binaural Brainwave,
Overall Average:

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