Evovlen Configuration Management 4.0

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Evolven is an application that can monitor changes in your Windows environment. Practically, it gathers information regarding installed programs and configuration settings and uploads it to the server.

Using the web-based solution, you can compare the initial version of the environment and the actual one to view the changes. This way, you can monitor your PC much better and avoid stability problems.

Using this application allows IT operation managers to know exactly what has changed in their environments, eliminate configuration drift, maintain environment consistency, validate changes, and investigate incident root-cause.

Note: In order to use this application, users have to create an account.

Here are some key features of "Evolven":

  - Configuration management and changes monitoring
  - Identify configuration drift
  - Servers and applications comparison
  - Validate changes: ensure that changes are accurately deployed
  - Investigate Incident Root-cause

  • Evovlen Configuration Management 4.0
  • Evovlen Configuration Management 4.0

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