Exina Syncwizard for Outlook Build0.7.9.5

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MS Outlook is an email and personal information management software developed by Microsoft and wide used in around of world, especially in companies, MS Outlook is very popular. Although we often use it mainly as an e-mail application, it also is a Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, note taking, and a journal.

After a long time using, our outlook accumulated huge history email and appointment, tasks. Sometimes we have to receive and handle mails, tasks in another computer temporarily for example in travel. That's a problem raised that some email(tasks, appointments) received and stored in another computer typically a laptop computer, they are absent in our main computer, it's bad for most people. Frankly I met this problem before so I thought it would be great if we can sync Outlook folders with another computer, after failure of seeking a software in internet I decided to write one.

Exina Syncwizard for Outlook is the software I developed. It can sync your outlook with remote computer, can sync pst file(Outlook database file), backup and restore Outlook data, and migrate Outlook's data to a new computer.

  • Exina Syncwizard for Outlook Build0.7.9.5
  • Exina Syncwizard for Outlook Build0.7.9.5

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