Extra-Organizer 3.32

Authors Description

Organizer consists of four main options: Planner - flexible system of reminding of events with classification according to categories. For any of reminders you have opportunity to choose a category of event, install the title & date, to write a commentary.

Reminding is reflected as appearing window above all other windows, opened in the computer, giving this way the guarantee that the message will not happens to be lost under them. The each of categories of events allows to determine its frequency of repetition of reminders (for example "annually" for categories "Birthdays").
For the window of reminders you can choose any of colour diapasons & musical background. Phone book is the option for management & saving contacts information. It allows to safe such data about personas: last & first names, sex, phone numbers & faxes, date of birth & wedding anniversary; information about its position & place of work; service of electronic communication (Messenger, Skype, ICQ).

Extra-Organizer gives you the opportunity to determine the groups of contacts, for example: "Work", "Family". Import of contacts from Windows Address Book is supported. Manager of businesses is a list of planned events. For every of the events there is an opportunity to fix the status of their executions.

Notifications is a built into text editor, which allows to create with a big volume of text. You can safe any kind of information of your favorite recipe to the list of passwords in here.

Here are some key features of "Extra-Organizer":

  -  4 in 1: planner, address (phone) book, management of businesses, editor of notifications.
  -  Classifications of events according to categories and contacts according to groups.
  -  Modern intuitive understandable interface.
  -  Automatic start without additional actions of user.
  -  Total minimization of program into a system tray.
  -  Security of all reminders while computer is switched off.
  -  The reminding window appears above the other ones and your notification won't get lost under them.
  -  Settings up of reminding window can be designed in any convenient colour diapason for yourself and also with opportunity to set a nice musical background.
  -  Considering of region standards of date and time for different countries.
  -  Backup and restore wizard.
  -  Built inside generator of HTML-reports.
  -  Support of independent work of a few users at one computer.

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