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Fap Turbo Expert Guide
Dear FAP Turbo Trader,

I have some important questions for you so please answer honestly ...
... are you making as much money as you should be from FAP Turbo?
... do you know which currency pairs are the most profitable?
... are you using the correct settings for maximum profit?
... do you "actually" think LotRiskReductor is your % Risk Per Trade?
... do you know the difference between low risk and high risk strategies?
... is your risk & money management strategy helping or hurting you?
... do you have a "real plan" for growing your bankroll with FAP Turbo ...
... or are you just wandering in the dark accepting average profits when
you could be raking it in?

The FAP Turbo settings problem ...
Like all commercial FOREX robots sold to the general masses, the default settings are set to work well for the lowest common denominator. Don't worry, it's nothing personal. When selling sophisticated trading software to such an unknown and diverse group of people the vendor has to take this approach.
But in order to optimize profits and lower risk you're going to want to tweak those settings to optimize FAP Turbo.
Solution ... the FAP Turbo Guide
Go beyond the lowest common denominator with my FAP Turbo Guide and let me show you how you can tweak the settings in FAP Turbo to apply professional money management techniques and turn your FAP Turbo system into a virtual bank machine!

* Fully Tested with FAP Turbo 50
* Learn to tweak the FAP Turbo settings CORRECTLY for maximum profit
* Avoid the LotRiskReductor Mistake
* Discover the truth about FAP Turbo brokers and how to get them working for you NOT against you!
* Know the difference between low risk and high risk scalper strategies
* Apply Professional Risk & Money Management strategies that squeeze most money with the least risk
* Road Map for Success trading plan quickly moves you from beginner to advanced FAP Turbo trader
* Get the FAP Turbo Help you need to succeed!
* No Monthly Fees!

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