Fastream IQ Content Proxy 7.4.6R

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Fastream IQ Proxy Server is a fast, compact, easy-to-configure and affordable proxy server software for the 32/64-bit Windows platform. With the advantage of being started as a reverse proxy server (IQ Reverse Proxy), over the years it has been extended with the forward and transparent proxy modules (IQ Content Proxy). Featuring kernel-mode NAT/PAT and being fully compatible with HTTP(S)/1.1 as well as WebDAV, it supports all web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, OWA and Sharepoint as well as all web applications such as Joomla, Drupal and OSCommerce.
IQ Proxy Server as Reverse Proxy
Conforming fully with the PCI standard, IQ Reverse Proxy provides the tools to boost your web server farm's performance and security with an intuitive GUI. Capable of SSL-offloading, per-domain URL translation & rewrite, HTTP/GZip compression, TCP/NDIS firewalling and RAM/DISK caching, IQ Reverse Proxy can load balance with "no-request-drop" smart failover and persistent sessions.

The new Reverse Proxy Enterprise edition has SNI support for multiple SSL certificates on single port and SYN attack firewall to provide the most advanced defense against any kind of TCP/IP level web attack. It also has the ability of country-based firewall and URL Rules for Google-style redirection with respect to client IP!

IQ Proxy Server as Content Proxy
Whether you are connecting HTTP/FTP sites or complex VPN servers, -the forward proxy module- IQ Content Proxy can serve as kernel-mode NAT/PAT server with multi-GIGA bits per second of performance! It is the ultimate Windows web cache and filter with time scheduling. IQ Content Proxy is even capable of transparent proxying which is rare among Windows proxy servers.

Alongside URL, country and content filters, the latest version supports header filtering with presets for some popular P2P/IM programs. It is even able to do WAN load-balancing with failover!

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