Fax Server Plus 4.0.0225

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Fax Server Plus is a professional and comprehensive application that will allow users to manage their fax devices.

Windows server/client based fax software that supports interactive Voice Response(IVR), Virtual PBX, Fax Partner, BlackList, Fax to Email, Voice Recorder, Voice to email, powerful fax editor, public contacts and Automatical Fax Routing.

Generally speaking, Fax Server Plus is a fax software that enables you to send and receive faxes in a network environment by using a public phone line.

Fax Server /  Management
With Fax Software you can send & receive fax in a network environment by using a public phone line. Fax Server Management allows you to manage Fax Server remotely. No burden on the administrator!

Fax Client
With Outlook-like user interface fax client, user can manage their own faxes.
Virtual pritner technology allows for the seamless integration of new and existing business processes. All faxes can be backup on server and could be retrieved on the network.

Fax Editor /  Cover Page Editor
Powerfull Fax Editor allows you to add lines, texts, images, Password protected stamps and scanning docuemnt into a fax.  With Cover page editor you can design beautiful, customized cover page template for your own enterprise.

Here are some key features of "Fax Server Plus":

  -  Supports Multiple Modems for sending and receiving faxes
  -  Supports Interactive Voice Response(IVR) and allows outside senders to make voice records
  -  Fax Modems can be configured to specific user groups to send out faxes
  -  Automatically forwards incoming faxes to specified users or any number of e-mail boxes
  -  Allows to edit fax contents by using Fax Editor
  -  Support TWAIN and WIA scanner
  -  Client workstations are automatically notified of incoming faxes
  -  Clients are automatically notified of outgoing fax job results by e-mails
  -  Remote Management for Fax Server
  -  Black List to stop junk/spam faxes
  -  Virtual PBX supported
  -  Fax to Adobe PDF files without Adobe Reader
  -  Read Tracking
  -  Public Phone Book
  -  MS SQL Server and MySQL Server supported
  -  Fax Broadcasting: Sends one fax to up to 50 recipients
  -  Virtual Printer
  -  Perfect Security Management.

  • Fax Server Plus 4.0.0225
  • Fax Server Plus 4.0.0225

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