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FileRestore for Networks is an enterprise recovery solution for Windows networks. Whether recovering files from a remote PC, or when implemented as part of a secure enterprise recovery policy, FileRestore for Networks provides for the centralized management of file and folder recovery, for all computers across the enterprise and across the Internet.

FileRestore for Networks also provides for the centralized creation and management of remote computer drive image files. If data is lost from a remote physical drive, the cloned drive image file can be scanned for all data, without further potential risk to the original drive’s data.

The FileRestore for Networks administration software may be installed on a Windows PC or Server, either pre or post data loss. Remote computers broadcast their active client enabled status to the administrator console. When data is lost from a remote computer, the administrator launches FileRestore for Networks, selects the remote PC or Server, connects to it, selects the drive from the recovery console, and scans the drive for the lost files.
You will be able to preview and restore all detected files to any location within your network.

FileRestore for Networks will recover data from:
  -   Any Windows, PC or Server, on the local area or wide area network.
  -   Any remote PC or Server that is available over the Internet e.g. via VPN.
  -   Any RAID configuration.
  -   USB devices including memory sticks, pen drives, etc.
  -   Personal music and video players, including iPods, PSPs, Zune, etc.
  -   Digital cameras, camera cards, etc.
  -   Virtual drives e.g. VMware desktop and server virtualization drives.
  -   FileRestore for Networks image (.bin) files.
  -   Any type of storage media, including non-Windows file system drives that are recognisable to Windows as a drive.

FileRestore for Networks supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 (floppy disks, digital cameras, music players, memory sticks, etc.), NTFS file systems (hard disk drives) and non-Windows file systems e.g. HFS, HFS+.

Here are some key features of "FileRestore for Networks":

  -   Recovers files and folder structures over a network and over the internet.
  -   Creates drive image files over a network and over the internet.
  -   Recovers files and folder structures from local drives.
  -   Recovers files and folder structures from RAID.
  -   Installs a recovery service on all computers on the network. When data is lost, the administrator selects the remote computer from the recovery console and recovers the lost data.
  -   Computers that are running the recovery service broadcast their active (protected) status to the administrator console.
  -   The recovery service is either push-installed or deployed with Active Direcory Group Policy.
  -   Creates a customizable client installation file for AD deployment.
  -   The client service can be configured to only permit a connection to a remote computer when a password is correctly submitted.
  -   The client service can be configured to only permit a connection to a remote computer when the connection attempt is accepted by the remote user.
  -   Client service retains the history of the remote computer connection attempts.
  -   Recovers files from all types of drive including, computer hard drives, usb drives, memory cards, pen drives, digital cameras, iPods, floppy disks, etc.
  -   Recovers files from deleted partitions.
  -   Recovers files from reformatted drives.
  -   Recovers files when removed from the recycle bin.
  -   Recover files when they have bypassed the recycle bin.
  -   Read only file recovery. The software will not overwrite previously deleted data.
  -   Fast scan option. Scans drives in minutes.
  -   Scans drives with bad sectors.
  -   Scans drives with no boot sector.
  -   Scans very large drives.
  -   Scan for lost files even when the file system is lost.
  -   Scan by File System, cluster size, etc.
  -   Scan by sector range.
  -   Scan Free Space only.
  -   Scan for deleted files only.
  -   Retain scan results for later recovery - Local Mode only.
  -   Scan results are displayed in both a file type and a folder view.
  -   Exclusive LiveView feature displays previews of deleted and lost files.
  -   Previews deleted Word docs, Excel spreadsheets, photos, pdfs, images, etc.
  -   SEE video file previews and HEAR audio file previews.
  -   File Previews available during a scan.
  -   Filter by file type, size, creation date, modified date, last accessed date, etc.
  -   Multiple save options e.g. highlight and select files, right click and select files, etc.
  -   File Discovery - Recovers files with lost file names.
  -   Photo Discovery - Recovers photos with lost file names.
  -   Recovery Settings provide a summary of files scanned, by type, condition, etc.
  -   Postfixes duplicate file names.
  -   Sort files by type, name, size, folder, date, etc.
  -   Saves the original Create and Modified dates.
  -   Batch (multiple file) recovery. One click and all files are recovered.
  -   Renames files with corrupted file names.
  -   Event log records all recovery events.
  -   Supports NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 file systems.
  -   Supports non-Windows drives where the drive is visible to Windows as a drive.
  -   View drive properties.
  -   Tool Tips available to provide a quick user guide reference.
  -   File recovery and drive imaging Wizard.
  -   Export scanned file results to a .csv list.
  -   Previews files with incorrect file type extensions.
  -   Comprehensive user guide and product support.

  • FileRestore for Networks 4.2
  • FileRestore for Networks 4.2

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