FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.0

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FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning Solution is professional e-learning software with high performance, well design and organized. FlashPioneer e-learning solution provides flexible and reliable remoting e-learning solution targeting distance learning education business of any size. This e-learning tool helps you to build the online education channel with high efficiency and cost effective. The e-learning software increases your classroom efficiency with well organized classroom interface, teacher’s full control of the classroom and flexible configurations for videos and text. FlashPioneer e-learning solution let teacher and student interactive with each other without any obstacles for its functions of video, audio, text, drawing board.
1. Fast Build and Deploy
*Installation Guide let user finish the installation just by several clicks;
*Multi-platform supported, RED5 or FMS.
*No client installation.

2.Full Scalable and Customizable
*Customizable skin support
*Detect the skin policy, color scheme and text style you prefer
*Flexible chat window size
*Multi-language supported
*Database interface integration for optional user management

3.Centralized Management for Teachers and Students
*Full editing control of teachers’ and students’ information;
*Whole power to see, modify and delete detail of all the courses;
*Monitor all the teachers’ and students’ entering and exiting classrooms;
*Powerful right to control the on-going courses.

4.Direct Course and Classroom Control
*Full power to create, see, modify and delete detail of all the courses including course description and time and the students’ attendance;
*Whole control of students’ videos and audios;
*Respond with quick answers keep the class going in good sequence.

5.Fast and Direct Classroom Interaction
*Enjoy the lesson not only by videos, audios and text but also by the real time drawing board.

  • FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.0
  • FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.0

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